Zak jules

He has been extremely unlucky not to have been involved lately.
I didn’t go last night but from what I have heard he played very well and is showing a lot of potential and looks a good bit of transfer business from the gaffer.
Great to hear him talking so positively in an interview on the Walsall website after rumours of a falling out with Clarke.


I was really impressed with Jules early on thought he made some really good challenges and looked solid enough then there was that Jules and McDonald partnership in November time which a lot of us noticed and salivated about which then disappeared.There must have been something behind the scenes that went on as DC just dropped him all of a sudden.I think Jules has something to offer going forward I rate him anyway :+1:t2:


Should get more chances in the future.

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Seems to be a bit of a scapegoat when things go wrong.

Withdrawn at half time, I thought he was one of the best players in the first half which wasn’t hard of course.

Surely you could’ve just switched him to CB and taken Scarr or Sadler off. DC seems to think James Clarke is capable of playing every position so I’d give Jules a run at CB for next few games particularly with Scarr’s sorry efforts for the third which killed the game.

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I can see your point and he was one of busier players in the first half (by virtue of the fact that they sussed out immediately that we struggling on the defensive left wing!)

Personally I thought he faded badly towards half time and looked all at sea under pressure (wasn’t alone in that sense though…)

I totally understand DC is having to cope with injuries to a small squad etc but FFS just try to play players in their natural positions to keep it simpler for everyone


Clarke hinted in his interview that Jules was also struggling with an injury of some sort. To be fair to the Manager both left backs were out so someone had to play there or as a wide defender if we switched to a three in the centre.

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Had flu or summat and was struggling!

Can see why too because that left hands side of ours got batterd first half they had a man over and open every time

They really pushed the RB up so he had countless 2 v 1s to deal with, always going to be difficult stopping the crosses in that situation with little help from those infront or indeed CM.

O.k if he was ill then I’ll give DC a pass.

I think it wasn’t a great idea playing 4-2-3-1 today although expect DC didn’t have many options with Guthrie and Sinclair injured. He could’ve started Perry but would’ve been too youthful with Bates and Holden also in there.

It’s disappointing to say but Kinsella dosen’t half lose loads of 50/50s. You compare him to Chambers who always seemed to be perfectly positioned to head or knick away any stray balls.


If Jules wasn’t :100: then Saddler has played LB so would be ok and play K.Roberts centre half. Clarke should not have been RB today, he was dross. Norman should have started. Manager got it wrong today.


In the DC interview he said he was struggling? don’t know if he meant ability wise or injury?

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I would personally like to see him get a real good run in the team from now on I really like the player think he has some really good attributes and my personal opinion is he’d walk into a mid table league one side.

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To be honest, he seemed to struggle against Cheltenham, mind you i think all of our back four did.

Zak should be a given a run as the left side central defender, with either Scarr or Clarke on the other side. I can’t see Sadler being here next season and so I don’t see much point playing him for the rest of this season. If we ain’t going to sign the necessary players in January to make a real go at the play-offs then let’s start planning for next season now and build a team around the players who will be here then.