Zak Mills

This signing has to been right up there with one of the worst we have ever made. Not rated by any manager. Hardly plays. Has contributed zero tbh. We need to stop signing these type of players in the future. Waste of the budget

Cack Mills last seen playing basketball against Bradford.

Hoping we have Joe Foulkes back in the first team squad for next season as our back up right back

Then spend Mills’ wage on a proper left back instead of a makeshift left back when he is fit


He is not nearly the most disappointing for me
He is crap and we all expected him to be crap
I’d look a lot closer to the big name players we signed like ward and labadie who have been nearly as bad but filled us with hope start of the season
Mills was always simply a gap filler , others have let us down a lot more than him


Agree , stick Ash Taylor in that bracket to.

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One of the most annoying and frustrating players to have graced to bescot stadium pitch.He acts like a petulant young pro learning the game and not like an experienced old head that should let things go a little.He has had games where he’s been really good problem is it’s about 5 games out of the 36 played.Liability Labadie should be his nickname as he gets booked far too often which then leaves you sitting there praying a ball doesn’t land between him and an opponent for a 50/50 because we all know what’s coming.He has been a real disappointment considering his pedigree in this league and a nearly 3 grand a week one at that I’d expect.

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I’ve been happy to have a go at Labadie for his performances but feel that over the last few weeks he has been much improved and has put his spoilt child act behind him. His attitude since the change of manager is better, but I’m not sure that is entirely to his credit. A true leader would have put personal differences or difficulties to one side and would have done his best to help Matt Taylor, rather than adding to the managers problems.
Overall he’s been a disappointment as a player and useless as a captain, but his current form is good.


Absolutely mate it seems Flynn knows how to get the best out of Labadie and that can only come with years of being his gaffer.Little things like when cats said the players got off the car park before I did made me think Flynns approach to management is what’s getting this lot to perform.Little things like getting themselves off early after games gives you the opportunity to get them in an hour early Monday morning.A sort of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours approach this will get better results than a military style of management especially with the players of today.

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I believe Labadie knows MF will not put up with any of his crap, hence the change in behavior/attitude. I suspect there are other players who ran roughshod over Taylor that wouldn’t dare repeat it under Flynn.