Zeli Ismail Signs

One year deal with an option for extension

Edit: The option is in the clubs favour

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Pleased it’s another signing and really liked Zeli when he was on loan with us.

Would like some new faces now that have had no former ties with us, not unless it’s Scott Dann lol Need some experienced heads who know league one.

Excellent news!!


Bloody brilliant news! Maybe it wasn’t Zeli being arsey with his contract after all? Or maybe he saw sense :wink:

Agree, great news. Contract length makes sense too, suspect Zeli (his agent) spent a while looking for a team to offer a three year deal but no takers.

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Fantastic signing.:grinning:

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Great signing. Looking forward to seeing two up-front and two wingers.


As I recall when Zeli played against us towards the end of the season he was in a second striker role playing just off James Hanson. I wonder if that’s the plan. I note he has the number 10 shirt.

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Was thinking that myself but I’d definitely have him out wide feeding Cook.

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Zeli > Belly > Goal!

Great signing! Team is starting to take shape, really looking forward to the first game

Happy with this signing. Was full of promise as a youngster at ■■■■■■ and he has them tailed off a little - but there was a reason he was so highly thought off. Also like that the option of the extra year is on favour of the club.

If he has now signed, does this mean it wasn’t him who Keates cancelled the deal on a few weeks back?

Good news, was always a star sign, along with Ozzy in an otherwise dismally forgettable team, could be a great feed for the Cookie monster!

Great signing this! Was a player who could really excite when here before and I look forward to his link up with Cookie up top. Interesting how he’s done a ‘Dele Alli’ and now has his first name on the shirt instead.

Crying foul: footballer told he could lose his house over unpaid bill | Property | The Guardian Just found this which was published yesterday, perhaps he was the player Deano pulled the plug on- and now needs a pay day fast.

I don’t think it was, the player he pulled the plug on was purportedly a 37 year old.

Sensible acquisition, and protecting ourselves against non-performance by having that extra year option hanging over him. Like it.

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Certainly when I spoke with his family before he made his wages clear very early on and when I saw them last they hadn’t said anything had changed so I’d be inclined to agree that it probably wasn’t him.

Pleased to get him as a signing if he can stay injury free there is potential there at this level especially with Cook clearly being signed as the target man, Zeli could get the balls in to him to score off I’m sure.

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Top signing beginning to look better now need a good experienced centre half and a versatile back four man and we are somewhere close to a decent season.