100 Years

2021 marks 100 continuous years of Walsall being a League club, just worth pointing out.

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I was under the impression from reading the title of the thread that this was something to do with how long it will be before we buy a player and not loan one…silly me :roll_eyes:.


But we were founder members of Division 2 in 1892???

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Amended my statement, for the pedants out there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t think factual accuracy is being pedantic …

It should also be pointed out that 3 times since then we actually finished in what today would be an automatic relegation spot in the bottom division (or, if you really want pedancy, one of the 2 bottom division as it was regionalised - and we managed it in both!), but were fortunately spared this by the old re-election system.

What I’m saying is, as unpalatabile as our current situation might be, this is not really something new in our history.

But yes, 100 years of continuously being a Football League club should be celebrated as an achievement as there are plenty who can’t say that - including a few of our old rivals over the years who are now languishing in non-league (if they still exist at all).

Lost our League status for 20 years and then returned in 1921.

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