19 Years Ago today

Walsall 3-2 Rotherham United

Record attendance at Bescot

Relegation to League One

Never been back to the Championship since.


Think we were relegated by 1 goal? In other news Scab FC missed out on play offs by 1 goal yesterday (smug smile) :grin:


At one point there was a phantom goal for Stoke against Gillingham and there was a joyful ejaculation from thousands at Bescot, but alas it came to naught. I would be interested to know exactly how the misapprehension started, presumably one person must have said Sjoke had scored and it spread like wildfire until enough people were saying nothing had happened and it died down.

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It bad enough when there’s p1ss on the floor so I dread to think…


I was there, Purple Stand lower, block 3. Do I remember rightly that a couple were getting married that day, and they came onto the pitch before the game or at half time?

I also remember sheets of paper on the seats with words to a song nobody sang.

We were the match ball sponsor that day. Put a bit of a dampener on the whole day.

That may have been me and a few others - I was getting married that summer, as was another bloke who sat by back then (not to each other!!) and we all dressed up: I was in a wedding dress, another as a vicar - Got photos somewhere.

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I’d bought a saddlers t shirt for the occasion - first time I’d worn it.
I’ve still got it somewhere - never been worn since that day.
Not that I’m superstitious or anything…….

I remember Butler trying his best to miss sitters, holding back for someone to tackle him :heart_eyes:
Then i remember when they scored their player, think it was Warne? over celebrating :rage:


Thanks, Jonah.