1st team pic


not seen the 1st team pic yet got be so good as we have not many new faces yet perhaps thay are cutting cardboared cut outs to use jokes apart getting a bitworried now ,


just google last years and blank about 7 faces out :joy:


like that :grinning:


Probably better if we play in a 6-a-side League this season! Just what does the club think is the message it is sending to us fans about the ambition (or lack of it) for next season? Nothing stirs up the positive vibes amongst fans like some quality signings. Yes, Cook and Ismail are good additions but we are so short in critical areas such as central defence, midfield and attack.FFS, let’s sign some decent players this week.


Even ‘this week’ is cutting it really fine, sign 3 or 4 players on a Monday (or probably Wednesday,that would save on any July salaries) and slot them into a team that has to play it’s first match on the following Saturday…totally second rate and unprofessional.


it is cutting a bit fine been hearing things like in :face_with_raised_eyebrow: weeks now


May as well copy this thread over for the 2019/20 year, or just sticky it towards the beginning of every season!


Just a picture of Jeff with a big cheque for the rent money.


How about instead of standing up. They all lay horizontally on teired benches. Make the squad look a bit bigger :grinning:


Or draw faces on balloons and simply fasten one to each shoulder?


1st team photo…image


It’s multi-tasking gone mad!!!




They will take this on Wednesday at Open Training. Would expect some business to be concluded by the time that rolls round.


1st August will be signings day, as we will not want to be paying players too early. Old habits die hard at walsall FC.