2006(?) Signed Ball

So when I was about ten, I remember doing like a mascot sponsor thing - I believe it was through the community programme/soccer schools. Anyway, I remember I was given a voucher for the club shop (the one in town!), but also won/was given a signed football!

It has been sat on a shelf in my parents house ever since. However I moved out a year ago, and have just recently moved this into my new house… and I started to wonder whose signatures are even on the ball? I was too young to appreciate it at the time.

So from the badge it must be from before 2007, and two signature’s I can make it is Manny Smith’s and the lord himself Ian Ropers. I was wondering if you fine lot could help me identify some of the other signatures, which look more like a toddlers scribble than anything, and also determine the season. Based on Roper and Smith, it has to be 2006 right?

First picture in the center, looks like Troy Deeney to me.


I think you may be right!!

Makes me think it’s the 2006/2007 season then, which is amazing.

3rd photo top left looks like Scott Dann

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Bottom picture, Michael Dobson?

Fourth picture, Dean Keates possibly?

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I can make out Ian Roper, Darren Wrack and Manny Smith.

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