2018-2019 Fixtures


2018-2019 league fixtures will be released at 9 am on Thursday 21st June.


No Oldham or MK Dongs to ‘look forward’ to this season … :slightly_smiling_face:


MK Mongs and Northampton were my 2 nearest grounds. At least Luton & Wycombe came up! :+1:


I’me looking forward to the Wycombe games! usually have lost weekends with my chair boy mate!


Hi guys
looking forward to either coventry or exeter, exeter if i’m honest because we have had some great weekends down there staying at the white hart.


Coventry at home


Would like to do Sunderland, Wycombe and Accrington this season. Would imagine at least one of those would be midweek though.


As my term time home is Wycombe will Def be looking out for that one .Just excited to start planning .