2023-2024 fixtures

When are the fixtures coming out?


The EFL fixtures are usually released a day or two after the Premier League. Their site says 15th June nothing on the EFL site but I’d say 16th or 17th June.


Season will probably start on the 5th of August.

Mansfield away apparently…


I hate this time of the year boring northing to look forward on a Saturday means got to talk to Mrs butts 4 the next 2 months also till August :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


That means we will make ALL of our close season signings in the preceding week when the only players left available are those that couldn’t even get into teams in the National League.


Yeah, just like last season :roll_eyes:


Look at the positives, at least we don’t spend Saturday evenings feeling in a right mood because we have failed to win or even score again. We can smile and forget about it for a few months.

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Hopefully a long way off yet so we don’t even have to think about it anytime soon

Only as good as your last game and we will be unbeaten for a couple of months

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Pre-seasons will probably start early July so only 8 or so Saturdays to fill.

On that subject, Villa again? And will it be our first team visiting Rushall Olympic instead of the usual Walsall XI made up of kids and triallsts?


Cricket season. My first game will be when it doesn’t conflict with a bears game I prefer. This season has been more boring than any 5 day drawn test match I can recall.

Looking forward to trialist C guessing game

I’m going to be in Gloucestershire in mid-August so would be happy with FGR away then, though it will probably be Tuesday in February

Not a lot of away games to get excited about next year

Only got FGR and Crawley to tick off, suppose I’ll go to Wrexham given it’s my closest game, then probably only Barrow for the Lakes, Carlisle, Morecambe for Arnside, and maybe Newport that’d hold any sort of interest, should most of them not be in the depths of winter.

How are we going to fill our annual Tuesday evening fixtures now that Rochdale are gone?
And of course Morecambe will be a January fixture freezing our nuts off.

This closed season seems to be dragging on for ages😁

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One of the few seasons where instead of feeling a little sad I’m actually relieved that it’s over.
First thing is get a new manager in place and then we will see who is being released.
The pre season games I’ll pick and choose more out of curiosity than anything else.
Then the fixtures which is great.
Like every new season before it I’ll be hopeful and full of enthusiasm.

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22nd June. 9.00 am.

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