23rd March 2024

This is the most unusual of days. It is absolutely pivotal in any aspirations that we have for promotion. Yet we can do literally nothing to influence results. Anyone else going to be glued to the scores from 3:00pm onwards and checking the live league 2 table?

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Morecambe playing Gillingham means we drop a place whatever happens.
Barrow play Newport hopefully Barrow beat them.

The main result is Crawley at Trampmere as they have a game in hand on us and could go 3 points clear (and improve their relatively inferior goal difference). If all the others go against us we could drop down to, I think, 12th - but we would have at least 1 game in hand on them to get ourselves back into the playoff places.

Obviously nothing will be decided today, but the smaller the gap we need to close the more belief the team should have that they can do it.


Although this blank week gives us a rest in other ways it may not be a good thing.I much prefer points to games in hand for example. Anyway time will tell.

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You will give yourself stomach ulcers thinking about it that deeply! Been there. What will be will be.

We can only control our results and in the end that is what will matter over the course of a season.

Obviously, there are favourable results but nothing is decided just yet. Gonna be tough for us I feel but we are still in there fighting.

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As much as we may think the break helps, in terms of getting players back fit, the timing of this period of games couldn’t be worse.

If we’d had better results v FGR and Colchester it would be different but on a run of 2 points from nine against 2 of the bottom 3 at this stage of the season isn’t enough.

If we had Swindon today then it would be different if we’d managed 3 points but now going into Easter, possibly 12/13th, not expecting anything from MK Dons and a tough game against a very in form Salford I think timing more than anything has conspired against us.

We could easily be 2 points from 15 after Easter 12th and only 6 to play….it won’t be the points gap that’s a problem it’ll be how many teams are in the mix ahead of us.

My own personal opinion is Colchester game and Swindon being called off for international duty has killed us.


Unfortunately, I do agree with that.

I haven’t written off us winning at MK though. We have a good record there, I can’t remember us losing at the new ground. I know that shouldn’t have any bearing at all, but for whatever reason it does seem to.

Record at Stadium:MK is…

P 9 W4 D3 L2

Although the last time we played there was 7 years ago. Doesn’t seem that long ago. :eyes:

It was a Tuesday night game when Whitney was still in charge and we drew 1-1.

Just goes to show how the mind plays tricks with you. I thought our record there was better, although that isn’t bad.

I went to the last one, we were unlucky not to win in the end. Some vile abuse aimed at Whitney that night.

My favourite visit was a Boxing Day win.


Our record at Bescot (from when they first started playing at Stadium:MK) is worse…

P10 W3 D2 L5

The Whitney game was during the period he insisted on playing Bakayoko every game despite him being poor. The abuse was out of order though. It got particularly toxic when someone shouted “Whitney shags kids” and then when we scored Whitney was sarcastically waving at the away end.

The 4-2 Boxing Day win was during a purple patch for us throughout 2012 where we beat them 3 times in a row, including the only season where we did the double on them.

Starting with a win on the last game of the previous season which was my birthday. :grin:

I would say though that our record in general has been better against them since they moved to Stadium:MK.

Looking at the stats, whilst they were playing at the National Hockey Stadium, we played them 6 times both home and away and didn’t win a single game (5 draws, 1 loss).

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I’ll be keeping an eye on results today but it’s worth remembering that nothing will be finalised regardless of who wins draws or loses.
I’ve got mixed feelings about not having a game today as yes it gives the players a well earned rest and provides an opportunity to maybe get some of the team out of the treatment room and back on the bench. On the other hand we will have ground to make up and often when we have a break we seem to come back slightly off the pace, something we can’t afford to be at this crucial stage of the season.


Draw, we don’t want Newport catching us

Mansfield losing at home to Colchester. Not that it has much impact on us but shows we didn’t do too bad to draw at Colchester last week

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Barrow-Newport is an interesting one today.

Newport a bit like this club, wasn’t so long ago it was bottom 6-7 but a very good run in last two months and now on the brink of 7th.

Barrow on 61 points so they have a bit more work to do to secure play offs and have a difficult run in.

Crewe-Wimbledon. Has to be a Crewe win as wouldn’t mind them as a potential play off opponent and Wombles would remain on 57 points.

Generally for me the lower points total required for 7th the better. If it’s 70 then this team is very capable of that as it’s another four wins and two draws from final 8 games. If it’s 74-75 points needed that will be much tougher.

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I went to the 1-1 in 2016 there. Someone for them scored in the last minute. Couldn’t believe they build that ground just to put in black and grey seats all the way round as made it look and feel even colder than the whole club set up.

2017 match I actually went to the Donny game after the MK one in midweek and it was a febrile anti-Whitney vibe there aswell. People around me were genuinely chanting “We went Whitney out” straight after Morris had scored to go 3-0 up!!! :man_facepalming:

Remains one of the strangest atmospheres I’ve ever experienced at any Football match.

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I certainly agree that the break has maybe come at the wrong time, particularly because of the results we have had going into it and we have no momentum to ride over the 2 weeks. But I guess it is good if it helps to bring back some players and not have them missing for so many games.

I also don’t expect anything from MK Dons as they have risen up the table very well in past 2 months or so. But, to say Salford are a ‘very in-form’ team, isn’t quite true - they have only won 1 in the last 6 and got 5 points out of possible 18. Yes, they are seemingly better away than at home, but I don’t think we should fear them at all on April 1st.

Mansfield Town 1 Colchester United 1 is a final score

Harrogate Town 2 Bradford City 0 with 15 minutes remaining.

Another manager Bradford will be sacking in next few weeks you suspect.

Chesterfield will be challenging for top 7 coming back up so likes of Bradford and Swindon are my tips to be battling relegation next season.

Now 3-0 Harrogate