3rd June 2023 - Midnight to Midnight Acorns Hospice Walk

Myself, @Saddler_andy, @SaddlerSteve, @TheBostedSlab, and our friend Lewis will be walking between all three Acorns Children’s Hospices in order to raise funds for them.

In 2021, this walk was completed with the challenge of doing it within 30 hours of starting using a continuous clock. We managed to do it in 29:15:11. This year, we have set the bar really high and have set ourselves the challenge of doing it within 24 hours using a continuous clock.

The distance travelled based on the 2021 effort is somewhere close to 116km (just over 72 miles!) and we will have very limited time to stop for a break due to the time constraint we’ve placed on ourselves.

I know many of you on UTS have supported us in the past, as well as with this current fundraiser and on behalf of all of us taking part I’d like to say a big thank you, as without your support it becomes fairly tedious and hard to motivate ourselves to do something this taxing on our bodies.

If you know of any friends / family / work colleagues, or anyone else that may want to donate or help out in some form, please pass on details of the donation link and / or put them in touch with me. Likewise, if there are any UTSers on here that fancy joining us for part of the walk, DM me and we can get something sorted.

Finally, for anyone that would like to donate that hasn’t or perhaps those that have that might want to donate a bit more - the link is below. Thank you once again for all of your support.


I’ll use this thread to post updates and pictures from the actual walk itself whilst we are undertaking it too.


Was £3595 what we raised last time?

I don’t know you rob and am a new poster regarding your charity work so I hope you don’t mind me asking
May I ask what motivates you to do so much for others?
It’s admirable and I have a lot of respect for you for the good you do



That’s a good question, and whilst I can’t sit here and give a proper definitive answer, I think it’s that I want to do something to help organisations that do crucial work for the community I’m originally from and I think I’m fairly good at organising things when I put my mind to it, so they kind of go together.

I also love a challenge, so by pushing myself (and perhaps as a result of that, others), to achieve things, then to fundraise on top of it provides extra motivation.

Last time I did this walk, we got to Worcester and I wanted to give up. I was in so much pain. The donations kicked me up the arse and made me carry on. I’m sure the others will tell you that they had their little moments too.


Yesterdays training walk!


3 weeks today we will all be suffering after doing the walk :expressionless:

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Two weeks today we will be nearly 8 hours deep into our walk. Donate if you can please.

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Anybody who might want to join us for the last 10 miles or less to help bring us home, let me know and we can get something sorted. The more the merrier.

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Now over £2000 raised, looking to beat the total of £3500 we raised in 2021.

Any help towards this appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows any Villa fans, I have an autenticated 21/22 signed shirt from them! Current bid on that is £65 - running until Saturday.

I’ll try and transfer something tonight. Got a new UK account sorted for transactional stuff and I need to find out if it works!

OK, thank you. Any problems give me a shout.

My only problem has been PayPal fee extortion!

Yeah PayPal is a bitch for that when overseas.

Coming up to £2,500 before we have even set off.

If people can share it far and wide that would be amazing.

The dream is £5,000 and complete in less than 24 hours!

One week today - will be in a world of pain by this time!

Two days to go!

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Hows the preparations going mate?

Personally, not great. That said, my job gives me a decent amount of prep with walking all day!