5 subs

FIFA have announced that if league competitions are to be completed this year they can use 5 substitutions in a game.

I’m not sure how a competition can be completed under different rules to those in use when it started? More subs, neutral venues, no VAR, possibly no relegations, all absolute nonsense, just cancel it and start next season when it is possible and using whatever rules they wish from the start.


I think you are making the mistake of thinking that the integrity of the competition is important.

The priority here is undoubtedly meeting the t’s and c’s of the Sky contract. Which is why L1 down can work it out for themselves whilst the PL needs to restart despite, far more than in any other league, the winners of the competition being a forgone conclusion.

Actually I do think the integrity of the competition is important, but I am well aware those within the game couldn’t care less about that.

I know it is all about money, it’s the blighters within the game who keep waffling on about the integrity of the competition while happy to make all sorts of changes that destroy any integrity it still has that annoy me. Change the rules part way through so that we can still earn our megabucks? Yep, no problem.

Football is such a simple game, which is why it endures, but the money men and the super rich have twisted it.

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