50/50 Draw

What happened to the draw yesterday ?, i’ve not seen any results.

It states the draw will be held on 29th August, poor communication from the trust once again. Last time I had a go I received no confirmation or number makes me wonder where my money went :thinking: xmas party ?

The draw was held yesterday. I know this because I conducted it for them. I believe it may be announced tomorrow alongside the iFollow pass draw results.

@WST could clear this up perhaps?

It would help if they published them on social media platforms, so people who had a go could see the results, especially after they email you twice to see if your having a go this month.

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They have done - winner’s name posted on Facebook.

I ain’t on Facebook or a member of the trust, last time i have a go.

Not wishing to blow smoke up ISSA’s arse but they are certainly in a different league when it comes to raising money.


Since they started doing the draws I’m sure they stated that winners would be be notified. I guess if you havent been notified you havent won.

Would be nice to know the winning numbers, especially when they email you to ask if your entering this month, that would be a way of letting you know by publishing them, instead of being the secret society.

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Couldn’t make it up :joy: :joy: :joy:

Put it on their own website that nobody bothers with, and not on other platforms, :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

The first draw they did was £500+ if i remember correctly,now it’s down to £322.Now I can’t speak for everyone else,but the reason I stopped doing it after the 1st draw was the total lack of organisation,I wasn’t even given my numbers before the draw.The numbers should be published on this and every other WFC fan site 5 minutes after the draw,and it goes without saying you should be emailed your numbers well before the draw itself,and as Duncan Bannatyne would say"for that reason,I’m out".

Isn’t the guy that runs the draw Ray Dale? Assume no relation to the winner?!

I do believe he is know as Debbie on weekends around the local club scene… :open_mouth:


GDPR, plus some people may not wish their name to be plastered all over the internet.

Just to put an end to the comments about the draw and the winner, it was me that conducted the draw using an online generator that randomly picks a number as the winner. Ray organises everything else, but the draw itself was done by me so I can confirm there are no underhand tactics and there is nothing remotely untoward about how the winner came about.


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That’s the way to do it,a few days too late,but that’s the way to go about it.

It was on Facebook as well. One can only assume those participating follow the Trust…