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50 years ago


Fa Cup 3rd Round WFC V Spurs. Lost 1-0 to one Jimmy Greaves goal.Spurs team was their full first team including Jennings Knowles Mullery Venables and Gilzean as well. At 18779. How times change. Anyone else who was there?


I was there as a 15 year old and remember Greaves scoring up the street end. Stan Bennett didn’t give him a look in all afternoon except for his one chance fron a corner. Dave Wilson was our CF that day, remember him running the length of the pitch in the first half beating the keeper and having it cleared off the line, I honestly think we would have won if that one had gone in.


I was there…


I was there,I was 13,it broke my heart when Greavsie scored from about 2ft out…Didn’t Derek Clark hit the bar in that game…or is my tired brain playing tricks on me…:drooling_face::smile:


I was also there and I was 15 at the time. 4th January. We beat St Albans on a replay in the previous round. I think, I may well be wrong, but the brilliant Alan Baker was at Num 8 for us


I was there as well …Greaves took his only presentable chance I recall. We played well and didn’t deserve to lose.


I was only 7 :sob:


My old man was there but I was only 6 sadly.


I was 11 and in the cowshed next to a load of Spurs fans. When they heard us chanting our esteemed centre forwards name they were asking “who the facks this Divey Wilson geezer?”. Don’t think they got our accent! Probably my memory playing tricks but I seem to recall Pat Jennings having a blinder for them and Greaves scoring from their only chance. He did the same for Arsenal in the League Cup nearly 15 years later but as we all know they outcome was a lot happier.


I’m not that good at maths, but I think that makes you well old.
I’m glad I’m not an elderly.


Not yet, anyway. :smile:


I was a football mad 15 yr old and there. Dream tie for me being a Saddler since aged about 9 but also a Spurs fan having been captivated by watching them in 1963 become the first British team to win a major european trophy on a tiny tele perched on a stool in our house/hovel in Bescot St,Palfrey where a certain, the one and only, James Peter Greaves yet again scored a couple.
In my opinion the greatest goalscorer that ever laced boots on.


He is only a youngster…


Dave Wilson effort would have probably gone in with modern ball and better pitches.


I was there. I remember it being a tight game and I think Jimmy Greaves got the only goal near the end having done f all before that.


Think I was busy that day swimming in a ball sack.


Was in the st end with me dad my recollections of the day ,Jimmy Greaves did nothing apart from scoring the winning goal he was a class act.The Tottenham mob sporting the suedehead look crombie overcoats city gent look Back then most of Walsalls main lads were still skinheads.


I was there, aged 23, in my first year as a schoolteacher! Jimmy Greaves had always been my hero as a player. Fast forward to the early 1990s, when Greaves turned up to open the Bescot Bar (someone clearly had a sense of humour, inviting a reformed alcoholic to open a bar! :grin:). As he pulled up in his big Mercedes car, next to my Rover Metro, I took the chance to have a chat with my former hero. I told him of my admiration and how it had turned round in the last minute of that match when he broke our hearts after having contributed absolutely nothing, prior to that goal. He laughed and said “Yes, I was pretty crap, that day, wasn’t I?”, with a grin on his face. I forgave him :grinning:


Yes I was there too aged 10. Remember only too well that sinking feeling when Jimmy popped up with the winner. I also remember the programme which was double its usual size in content but well worth the shilling cover price.