A Brilliant article on Keates



Agree with every word of this :clap:t2:

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I don’t buy this “couldn’t get rid of enough players” line. Every manager coming into any club has this. Our new manager will have Norman, scarr and mussa, ferrier among others. And it isn’t as though he wasn’t allowed to sign anyone…he signed a huge number.

Otherwise, yes, the article makes some fair points.



Spot on



Finally Masi has a pop at the real problem. Budget middle of the road for LEAGUE 2!! Like I have said in so many posts - it was only matter of time :man_shrugging:



Great article apart from the Jarvis/Bielik similarities. That’s a bit harsh on Jarvis. But I get the point that we are so desperate and so cheap that we have to go for a man who has been injured all season in the hope we can get a few games out of him.



Agree with you on this…just look what the new Manager has at his disposal!!! Lets hope he is able to improve some of them. We really need someone experienced at this level with good contacts across the game.



Only problem WalsallOne is that you can have all the experience and contacts you want BUT you’ll still have Bonser behind you with all the problems that entails. Until he goe’s were stuffed and going nowhere.



A mid table League 2 budget says it all. You can tell from the transfer dealings over the last 3 seasons. Last minute to the point of chaotic, unproven, injured, precious little league 1 experience. It’s hard (for me anyway) to lay the blame for this at the hands of either of our last two managers. Sooner or later a league 2 budget will give you a league 2 team whatever your starting point.
Thank you Jeff, we are indeed a club transformed. From a third tier club temporarily fallen on hard times in the fourth, to a fourth tier club temporarily playing above themselves in third.



But then, playing devil’s advocate, if you look at the teams at the top of league 2, they’ve probably got much bigger budgets than a good number of lower league one teams. The only real issue is the change that £400k would make to that. To suggest that we have been otherwise somehow mismanaged is to deflect from the matter at the heart of it all.



It’s not just the rent. It’s the god awful club fan relations that have been allowed to fester season after dreary season. Lack of transparency, mistrust, increasingly poor match day experience, poor communication in a world of social media. We have failed to benefit from the massive growth in football since the nineties and other clubs have gone past us or streaked ahead. It seems clear to me at least that the chairman cares little for football and understands it even less and it certainly doesn’t get in the way of him making a few quid. I believe many others have come to the same view and we are left with a soulless hulk of a club.



Good and honest article but so sad to think it could all be so different with just a bit of leadership and financial support from upstairs…

An average budget for L2 sums things up so whatever happens in the next few weeks, we can only expect more of the same from the inept and self serving board of WFC

Sorry it ended this way Deano

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Average budget for L2 - thought we had a competitive budget? And how come the excrete and â– â– â– â– â–  suddenly come up with this gem?



Have a look at the wage tables. It’s not just the rent



Well said @ripleysaddler Sir, every single goddam word of that should be sent to Mole, Gamble and Bonser. Get them ALL out of our club #timesupjeff

Average L2 budget = Average L2 team. Once in L2, our Average L2 budget will become an Average Natonal League budget #timesupjeff

We all know L2 has moved on leaps and bounds since we were there the last time, but we have gone backwards. When we go down, be it this season or the next or the next, we will be marooned there for a very very long time when we will again stagnate and be overtaken and then we will be fighting relegation there too. The long-term future is very bleak #timesupjeff



As much as a I hate bonser and the way he takes from the club … I don’t buy this Keates has not been backed. He has had as much and more than previous managers … At the the end of the day he was allowed to bring in all his own back room staff in given money to spend on transfers ,loans etc . He just wasted it instead of sorting the defence out first and foremost. And showed a lack of being able to organise a team and get them playing for him… as well as being terrible in front of the media and giving the supporters very little to get excited about with the comments he came out with … wish him all the success in the future as a great ex Walsall fc player. But the fact is he does not have the know how or confidence to be a successful manager.



I wonder what the budget was when Graydon was appointed…budget is not the only determinate in where a team finishes in the league. Anyway this team should not be relegated…we have enough to be a mid table team and that is where we would be with a decent manager.



No it’s not. But that’s not the ■■■■■■■ point. The point is you’re are entering a horserace and weighing it down before it starts.



Exactly. It means if you make a mistake with an appointment (to use an example off the top of my head - if you knee-jerk and sack a manager purely because season ticket sales are down, then employ a club legend for nothing more than to drive sales etc etc :wink: ) your doomed, as we have seen. It means the margin for error is virtually none existant.

Just like I have said for sometime! The luck will finally run out when you play Russian roulette every season! If nothing changes but we stay up it will only be a carbon copy next year!

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I didn’t understand the word blocked out but if it what I think it is then I disagree. It is the point…budgets are just one issue . Team management, tactics and strategy are others but to me the most important is the one raised on another thread. What is the DNA of the club? What are we trying to achieve on the pitch? How do we intend to play as a Club? Smith had the right idea…all our teams playing the same way and all our coaches thinking the same way.
It has all gone wrong since he left. The youth team have hardly won a match this season for example. The whole club needs a shake up and the footballing side is the most pressing and that is the reason I hope we appoint someone with experience who can review all the playing side.One of his first tasks will be to sort out all the young players we have and decide whether any of them have a part to play in our future.