A call for Unity - Open General Meeting


Can the WSFC, Trust or ISSA (most likely ISSA) either push for an extended statement from the club - as that one yesterday was a complete joke. I think a joint press statement from all 3 in unison would be very strong.

But most importantly… to call for an open general meeting of the chairman, board members, fans groups, and any supporter.

Not some fans focus meeting which achieves nothing. Basically they end up as much use as a chat with a horse.

Not a behind closed doors meeting where Jeff meets two or three people - and achieves absolutely nothing.

I think an official request in the public domain sent as a press release will really be quite impactful. If the club arrange it - great, grounds for communication and progress. If the club turn it down… then they look like complete and utter cowards - and will hopefully increase public pressure through the fans - but also the press.

What do you think?



More chance we will leave the EU :wink:



JB has said repeatedly that the reason he doesn’t go to fans focus meetings is that he will not stand up and talk in front of a mob calling for his head so the chance of this happening is absolutely zero.



Do it by video link from a cyprus beach.



Good! It would be a start with the board - and for the press to know that he refused to meet anyone in public.



This has been reported in the E&S in the past with no great surprise or protest.

Following this, the fans asked why JB couldn’t attend a Focus Group meeting and personally deliver this information. JB advised that he will not do this as there is a small element of fans, who do not even attend matches, who would never accept what he said, shout him down with chaos ensuing at any meeting.

excerpt of the meeting between Jeff Bonser and supporters

Minutes of meeting held on at Bescot Stadium on 1st February 2018

Attendees: Jeff Bonser Chairman, Walsall Football Club; Stefan Gamble Chief Executive, Walsall Football Club; Daniel Mole Director, Walsall Football Club; Dean Neville, representing Walsall Supporters Trust; Ian Astbury, representing Walsall Supporters Trust; Matt Ellison; Dave Olly Beckett; Kevin Paddock.

The meeting took place in the 1888 Lounge.

Meeting started at 09:32am



I’ve prepared a statement for WSFC that will be released tomorrow morning and press the board for answers.

Sure collaboration between different parties will come, with time.



Ahh wicked! Great minds…:joy::wink:

I think in the medium term collaboration is key.



Good to see something is ready. Definitely need the whole fanbase coming together now. I’ve said some things about the Trust, hate how they work but everyone needs to be as one because we’re the only ones who care at this club.



Disappointed that the Trust haven’t responded, but I’m sure they will. We can only benefit from a united front.



I’ve messaged their Fb page as well - and linked on twitter but not to avail yet… I guess it’s late on a Sunday so will see what tomorrow brings…




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