A huge thank you

Independent saddlers supporters association /. LMRCA railway club.

Some may remember that a couple of months back we put out an appeal for help. In order to raise. £11 000. To build a comunity allotment down at the railway. Club

The allotment was to be built in order for our local schools. To. Have an outside learning centre. As part of there curriculum, Whilst also learning how to grow healthy foods as part of a healthy eating. Educational program

The second part of the program. Would then see. The schoolchildren. Deliver the food grown to some of the most vulnerable residents within the borough and local food banks Thus giving them Both the enjoyment of. not only growing. The produce. But also the pleasure of donating
Hence the project being called grow to donate

So not only is it an educational program But it is one that fully integrates our local school children. . Into the neighbourhoods they live in

Some of the children involved are from the most underprivileged communities within the borough. And we hope this project brings them many hours of enjoyment. And also that. Many of the most vulnerable. Within the borough including our elderly. Wil, enjoy. The. Food the kids provide to them

I can now inform. You. That not only did we meet our target. We smashed it and a final sum of £12 061 was raised in total

We will, now. Employ a groundwork team to. Prepare the land. And build the site for the kids. And local schools. To enjoy for many years to come

A massive thank you to our commercial partners. Who backed us. In this project And as always. A big shout out to the best fans in the world. And that’s the saddlers fans who again have backed us and the railway club. In ensuring we can deliver this project. With many making financial donations and others offering. Expert advice. That has seen us. Reach our goal

Also. a big shout out. To some retired. ex saddlers. Who where. Both. Schoolteachers. And keen. Allotment keepers. Who have. Offered up ther time. Knowledge and expertise. In. helping the kids Learn. How to maintain and get the best out. Of the plot

Yet another example of Issa working within the borough in conjunction with the LMRCA and our many commercial partners. To deliver a project that will make a massive difference to so many

Once again to al, those involved. Or who have contributed in any way. Take
A bow As we could not do it without you Including. Lots of you. Of this site


Issa leading the way :clap::clap:

Why. So many. Full. Stops?

@Dhforever has made no secret of the fact that he has suffered from a form of dyslexia and struggled at school
So even though he has problems, he still has the guts to come on here and post long statements for the good of ISSA :wink:


A really worthwhile cause that deserves recognition.
Selfless actions for the benefit of others.


sounds great - well done.

Great initiative, well done to all involved. A good demonstration for the club of what ISSA is all about UTS


He spelt curriculum correctly so he’s smarter than me :joy:

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Great stuff :clap:

They aren’t interested apparently. Never mind.

Fantastic stuff, it really is.


They should be though great work in the community like this deserves recognition.

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