A shout out to the biggest saddlers fans you know or have known in your time as a supporter?


Kitty being the obvious one ( what a lady what a supporter ) . Gone but never forgotten.


Royston and Don from the supporters travel club


Dancing Kev.


Fair play great if there was 500 like him.


royston kitty and stan blandford being serious.


How about your great Grandad Gav…he supported the Saddlers for about 80yrs…:grinning: He was picked up in a limo one day and given a tour of Fellows park by Alan Buckley.


Jeff Bonser. Captain, Leader, Legend. Number One Fan.


As above plus Sally from the main stand - home and away season after season after season.
More personally my Dad. Worked nights constantly and still never missed a home game at Fellows Park and never talked about anything else.
Our constant argument was the best player. He always said Colin Taylor and I said Tony Richards and a bit later Allan Clarke.


Pauley Davis .my dad got his 3 sons into football . Paul got his girls into football . Which was maybe harder to do 30 years ago than it is today . And I know him and his girls to be very loyal supporters to this day.


Richard who works in our stores for grafton, i don’t think he has missed many games over the last 20 years.


■■■■■■ leech parasite.


Tomo Thompson and his son Dan would be high on my list ,


My first thought as well.

If we’re playing Gillingham away on a Tuesday night in the first round of The Checkatrade Trophy you don’t ask Tomo if he’s going, you just ask him what time he’s leaving.


Shout out for Nicky King in the modern age. Top girl.


I don’t know his name, but in the sixties when I first started going, there was this blind chap who stood near the halfway line in the Cowshed. He was there every game and seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere, and gave full voice in his support of the Saddlers. His mate next to him gave a running commentary during the match. A fantastic fan.