A tale of two Gordon's; plus the lowdown on our Drogheda double

Our next episode of the Yellow Ribbon Podcast is a packed one!

We discuss the signing of Josh Gordon, the contract extension of Liam Gordon, and we also chat with our Irish Cousin Dave about our double Drogheda signings (one via Norwich)

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Rico Henry and Jason Demetriou last time we had two decent wing/full backs before that I’d say Dan Fox and Craig Pead.

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I was a little young to fully appreciate just how good Fox and Pead were for us

Ah Demetriou, part of the exodus. Was a great player for us, but will always be known for leaving along with several others


Rhys Weston and Paul Boertien?

Always loved the chant Craig Pead got from the fans on the terraces!!:grimacing::man_facepalming::joy:


Ben Purkiss & Andy Taylor?! :smiley:

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How could I forget the white Cafu?!

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The Stallion <3

Peak fox wasn’t miles away from Rico
Probably the best left back other than Rico in the last 25 years ( since I’ve been watching us and yes fox was arguably better than aranalde which hurts to say

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