Absent fans

Just thinking about all the Walsall fans I know, who don’t attend matches at this moment in time, which hopefully will change soon! Does anyone know what’s happened to Dancing Kev!! He always made me smile, especially when the footie on the pitch was dire, seeing him run up and down, waving his arms at the crowd, encouraging them to sing! But the bare chested gambol on the concrete floor had me in floods tears! I did hear that he was banned at certain times regarding his behaviour towards fans?


Ye he was a character, and i am glad i didn’t sit downwind of him while flapping his arms on a hot day :rofl: i think he was banned for spitting at the stewards?

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Banned a few years ago now for spitting at stewards. Hope the bloke is being looked after properly.

Kev changed his name to Tristran and joined the Royal Ballet,he’s got the lead in Swan lake apparently,good luck to him I say.


His backwards lean dance always brightened up a dire game. Always thought he souldn’t have attended alone though.

…and why not we all get let out on our own to go and watch :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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He was asked to sign a good behaviour agreement with the club and I believe he was also asked to attend with a ‘carer’ or responsible adult, but declined.

Bet he voted ‘remain’.

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Well, he’s smarter than the average blue pop stand fan…


Loved Kev, a proper character although not acceptable to do that to stewards obviously.

He’s still around, saw him a while back in Walsall town centre. Shirt was thankfully on.

Kev was a ■■■■. Yeah he clearly has issues but his behaviour was pathetic and was often aggressive towards our own. Good riddance. Once banged into me during one of his routines and he told me to ■■■■ off. Anywhere else and I’d have floored him.

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I saw him in the street once and attempted a brief greeting. He wasn’t ‘in the mood’ I guess and unleashed a brief but fairly robust vocal reaction. :laughing::laughing:

I’ve seen him when I’ve been parked at the lights in Rushall a few times, towards the end they made him sit in the family stand, that made him worse he was nearer the away fans, definitely needed someone with him thou.

I thought he was banned, used to spit at people and break chairs in a temper. Should never have gone without a carer. I see him in Walsall town centre quite often.

Talking of Dancing Kev, does anyone remember a midweek trip to Fulham some time in the late 90’s?

Walsall fans got absolutely drenched on the open terrace but the whole experience was improved by a bloke in the away end who had a bag full of fancy dress (including a wolf mask and a policeman’s hat) dancing around and playing up the stewards.

Never saw him at a home game but pretty sure his antics were mentioned in one of the national papers the following day.


I remember a bloke sitting in the tile choice wearing a wolf mask, and fans refering to him as wolfie?

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Wolfie, the Villa fan, who started following us round the time Uncle Ray became manager. I used to see him on the GA end (he stood left side as you look out to the pitch) and at various away games.
As Simon says, he had a bag with masks and stuff.
He came, he went. Can’t remember him after about 2000 or so. Someone did tell me years ago who he moved on to, but can’t think what team that was, or who told me.

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I remember thousands of Leeds fans singing “does your carer know you’re here” at him. Might have been Hutchings first match. Or not.

I also remember Wolves fans during a pre season match after Kev had been kicked out chanting rather crudely ‘where’s your spastic gone?’. Walsall fans responded with ‘stand up, if you’ve met your Dad’

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