Accrington Stanley (H) 29 Sep, 3pm


If he misses any chances Leahy will crown him. …


I’m hoping Keates’ tactics serves them up to us on a plate. No bridge too far!


I hope we win today, couldn’t stand another floss at home.


A draw wouldn’t be a kick in the teeth . I just hope we’re not chewing over a defeat when fangs come to pass.


I just hope we’ve got more bite than them, by gum.


Team for today

  • 1Roberts
  • 6Devlin
  • 5Guthrie
  • 27Fitzwater
  • 3Leahy
  • 10Ismail
  • 4Dobson
  • 29Gordon
  • 11Ginnelly
  • 30Osbourne
  • 16Ferrier


  • 8Morris
  • 9Cook
  • 13Dunn
  • 15Kinsella
  • 20Johnson
  • 28Wilson
  • 31Ronan


Penalty to Stanley




In my defence re our lead at Oxford, far from ‘laying in’ to my team as you suggest, I was merely pointing out that Oxford fans may have been a little unimpressed, considering that at the time they had 55% of the game 10 shots to our 2 and found themselves a goal down. A bit like us today.
Hope we can come back from this unfortunate start.


Bring the Cookie Monster on :smiley:


No consistency at all, hope fully this brings everyone back down to earth and theres none of the “clean sheet” tosh like Blackpool!


Luton keep us in 6th but come on lads late goal please.


Thanks to Luton we’re still in the top six, but this inconsistency has made a mockery of our great start, mid table at best this season perhaps?


Think it’s a simple case of with all the pace in the team results will be better away from home.

I think last couple of home games are where a player like Ozzy has been missed, he was the difference in many of the tight home games in recent times.

Might be worth giving Ronan a start on Tuesday. Think Cook will be back in aswell.


Even lost 6th place , late goal at Luton…errrrrr


Standard Walsall, if you can’t beat Accrington at home that isn’t promotion potential, mid-table will be a safe bet, the novelty was bound to wear off at some point


Toothless today. Ginnelly seemed hesitant to try and take on his man, can’t remember Ferrier doing much and Gordan didn’t get going and was rightly pulled off early into the second half. I find due to his endevour he is out of position due to chasing the ball. I do think Cook showed some neat touches when he came on and will probably start Tuesday.


Went up today, and I was going to post a long post detailing each player etc…but to be honest I can’t be bothered now.Lets just say there was more action in the tunnel after the final whistle than on the pitch.Very very disappointing,I know the ref was awful,I know Accrington put every player behind the ball every time we came forward,And I know Accrington waisted a lot more than the 3 minutes the awful ref added on at the end.Apart from a couple of good saves by their keeper in the last 10 miutes we never looked like we were likely get past their defence.We were so predictable going forward and I can’t believe that if Keates had had Accrington watched (and he must have) why didn’t he play Cook from the start of the game.I think Roberts thought he was playing, because he kicked every ball to the same place hoping against hope that someone would win it in the air but nobody did.I would give all the players 4/10 and our man of the match…:astonished: Leahy 3/10.


Can’t keep blaming the ref when it goes tits up not one player was interested today I’d like to know why. You only get what you deserve walsall deserve SFA


Well it is clear that at Home we need to find a new way of opening up defences. Away we are ok but now that teams have seen the pace we have they come and sit deep and try to frustrate us. Accrington did that today very well and I think we need to try something different on Tuesday. I would certainly start with Cook and surely there must be a place for Kinsella whose belated introduction gave us much more passing ability.
Having said that their goalie made some good saves to preserve their 3 points and on another day we could well have scored a few.
All the players did their best in my view but today it wasn’t to be our day. UTS