Accrington Stanley (H) 29 Sep, 3pm


The Sun: ‘‘Accrington Stanley have launched a bizarre appeal after a fan left their TEETH at the stadium on Saturday.
The League One side uploaded an image of the gnashers to Twitter after Saturday’s 2-1 win over AFC Wimbledon at City Ground.’’

According to the BBC, after the excitement of Saturday’s win, Stanley were keen to return the teeth to their rightful owner so they could cheer their team on at Walsall this weekend.

I seem to recall a very recently departed Saddlers boss who demanded his defenders put their teeth on the line for the cause…but this is taking it a bit far.


Dan Molar will be hoping they lack bite tomorrow.


Walsall 1 Steradent tablet 0


They will never score against us , their attacking capability is toothless … :tooth:


Think tomorrow, we will brush them aside and it will be a Signal to how the lads perform for the rest of the season. Hopefully with a ring of confidence.


Let’s hope so will set us up nicely for the Shrewsbury game


Think it will be 3-1, by gum.


Always had a soft spot for Accrington Stanley because of the milk ad, but I think we’ll win this one.



Hope the team selection will be ready by tooth hurty.


Denture all start yer bad teeth puns now.


This is just filling in.


The chattering classes agree with me: 3-1.


I know this keeps happening on these thread’s now , and to be perfectly honest it’s beginning to leave a nasty taste in the mouth …:mask:


2 - 1 we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew …


I think we need to be incisive, bridge any gaps and extract the maximum points from the game.


2-0 Walsall. Ferrier with a brace…


That would crown an excellent week!


The wisdom of crowds, no less…


Fangs for that every one can’t wait for this one getting my teeth in me breakfast at the mo walsall know the drill 3-1 walsall


All female sets.