Acorns card

@RobHarv3y has had a card going for a while , there are still several numbers available , come on guys you can’t get a much better charity than Acorns .


All that and more.
Acorns was beginning to struggle financially even before the pandemic. When it’s shops were forced to close it lost such an important source of its income.
Just think of the efforts of the volunteers in the shops who give up their time to help. Think of the staff and volunteers who help out at the site who come into contact with these poor kids who have life limiting illnesses. Think about the parents and siblings of these kids who have the heartache of knowing that these innocent kids probably won’t grow up to see their teenage years, yet still have to maintain a semblance of normality for the sake of their other kids.
Next time you’re down the Banks’s and you have a moan about the price of a can of beer or a burnt sausage roll, just stop, put the money back in your pocket and give it to Acorns instead.
It’s a privilege to support this cause.


I’ll love you all when me, @SaddlerSteve and @TheBostedSlab along with a couple of others are having to do the 66 miles in a few weeks!

Talking of walking, met Speedo Mick this evening on my way back from a family day to Barmouth!


Looking good Rob where did you get the hat from?


You’re a funny guy :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

He is indeed :smiley:

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