Adebayo Interview in The Athletic

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Scored his tenth today - another header! And is supposedly being tracked by West Ham.

Another sell-on saga begins!

Hatters boss warns clubs will need ‘one hell of a chequebook’ if they want to try and sign Town striker Adebayo in the transfer window | Luton Today

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Wonderful Championship club :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Let’s face it, we could have a sell on of 50%, and PSG could buy him for £200 million, and we’d still never find out where the money would go unless it was publicised that ‘Suffolk Life’ had purchased the entirety of Cyprus.

Anyway, more likely to happen is that he stays with Luton until he’s released on a free aged 34.


Good luck to him - pleased he’s doing well.

As for sell ons etc it makes not one jot. Will disappear into the ether if there is one.


I’m really pleased for him. Proving to be a very good championship striker who is attracting a lot of attention from the premier league now. Well done Eli :clap:


The lads done really well for himself and I’m pleased for him . Can remember when we first signed him and quite a few , me included took the pee as he looked like Bamby on ice , just hope that he does get a move to a premiership side and we reap some decent sell on fee.


FTFY :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good luck to him and it’s pretty obvious now that the price wasn’t enough that we sold him for but he was running out on his contract so hindsight and all that it’s just…it always seems to be that players find form in the latter stages of a Walsall contract.

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He will play in premier league very soon imo, very good attitude reading that particularly on putting up with living in Telford! :rofl: .Cheeky double on him and Brereton Diaz of Blackburn getting prem moves in the summer. May payout more than the sell on clause!

If he gets a Prem move how long before Clarke pops up saying it was entirely down to him? :joy:


If there is a badge involved yes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


“it always seems to be that players find form in the latter stages of a Walsall contract.”

Lose form more likely!

More like they find form as they are either looking for a new contract or a deal somewhere better .