AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


Don’t understand DK thinking at all in getting Fitzwater back.

So you’ve used up a loan just to get a CB in to warm the bench when Johnson was already doing this job first half of the season and arguably should be playing now…due to all this he can’t even make the 18.

It’s nuts.

Extra loan could’ve been used to get an experienced league one striker in.


Agree mate - this team/squad/club/shambles will not compete in L2 either…

Weem gone I’m afraid…

I said in a previous thread but it won’t happen - we need a total game boycott to maximise publicity and then go overload on the bonser negativity to embarrass the crap out of him

It might not do anything but at least we can get some frustrations off our chests


Absolute dog ■■■■, clueless, pointless dog ■■■■.

Going down, without a doubt.

I was given the chance to be in a box tonight. Apart from the free coffee and doughnuts from Bonser it still was a waste of an evening.

I can’t bring myself to shout Keates out bit surely it must be soon?

I wanted to catch Gamble at full time. I’m not sure if I’m gutted or thankful I missed him.


Literally don’t know what you mean with most of that.

Go and look up the defensive stats and let me know what it looks like.

Scarr, Guthrie, Devlin, Leahy, Norman - all rubbish.


At least I waved at you :wave:t2:


Norman was signed from a club already in the bottom 4. He couldn’t even make their 11.

More I look at it January signings were made probably more if club does drop you have two who should be alright in league 2…Scarr played half the games of a Wycombe team who got automatically promoted after all.


I think most experienced supporters will recognise that this team will be relegated.

The worst thing for me is, some of the recent acquisitions who are all on 2/3 year deals such as Gordon, Norman and Scarr are no where near good enough for this level.


If you look at most of the signings/squad - they’re either kids or from league two or even worse, the Scottish league.

It’s a league two squad bordering on non league.


Guthrie is seen as the senior CB, he played a few seasons at Crewe at this level so think that’s the only reason he’s undroppable in DK mind.


It was surreal at the final whistle tonight and walking out the stadium.(just silence more or less)it was as if supporters know the club is dieing and on its knees . While bonser checks his bank balance. I think the fans have lost the will to fight anymore. Seriously think the way I feel at this moment in time that we may have lost 500+fans on tonight’s showing and atmosphere , match day experience etc


So as you command, I’ve looked up the defensive stats and Walsall FC have conceded 50 goals.




Oh my good God. So Dean being given this job is not down to a knee jerk from JB when season tickets were down under Whitney? Appeasing the fans to shift more units to make more money - regardless of the long term effect - is not the fault of the board?!

The lowest budget in the league is not down to the board? I have it on very good authority our top earner is on 1.9k a week, less than 95% of players in this division. The fact we pay 400k to a pension fund, directly coming out of the ops side of the club, is not down the board?

The fact we are in trouble and the board sanction a whole host of short term loans of kids and crocks instead of putting money up for even just one high quality, proven player is not the fault of the board?

The fact we are down to almost under 3k home fans is not down to an awful ticket structure, lack of community engagement and disgraceful ticket pricing - implemented by who?? Not the board??

Dean is useless, this job is too big - WHO put him in that position? :clown_face::clown_face: Dean Keates is a symptom, not the cause…


Sorry mate, I mean I’ve tried to condense it down to meet your point but for some reason Sky Sports is telling me teams concede goals and not individual players.


I don’t know the point you’re making :joy:

I’ve just said the whole defence is rubbish…


No you really don’t understand. That bit seems quite clear.


Genuinely haven’t got the foggiest what you’re talking about.

Are you suggesting the defensive players are actually superb ?

Or are you suggesting we could put 4 trained squirrels in the back 4, and that wouldn’t matter because it’s the whole side that determines defensive performance ?


ZERO quality

ZERO entertainment

ZERO creativity

ZERO plan

ZERO chance of staying up

It’s been clear that defence has been the big issue for a while and we bring in …

Norman , Scarr and Laird .

The first two look non league , making Devlin and Guthrie look world class and Laird ditched after one game .

Keeps Gordon on as opposed to the QPR lad , who although quiet tonight was surely 20 times more likely to score something out of nothing …

We simply DIED second half , no fight , no leaders , nothing .

Keates has bought in too many players simply not good enough and the “ style” is non league too .



OMG you’ve got it!


At what point did I say it was not ?