AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


Except Keegan for England.


If Whitney has nothing to do with that then he’s a poor manager anyway.

I never defended Keates. Go a head, slate him all you want.

Whitney got just as much backing.


I did on football manager, so hah.


Just got in.

I’m the one if anyone was in Block O of the main stand - that lost it in the last 5/10 mins (apologies).

He has to go. Sorry, that was abysmal.

Only Kins came out with any positives - the rest are non league players. Luke Leahy can ■■■■ off too acting the big un at the end.

Guthrie is the worst centre half we have ever had.

Dross. We’ve gone. Might as well pack up now.


I didn’t say he wasn’t but he had more idea than the present incumbent. I’ll absolutely agree with you about the fact that any Walsall manager faces an uphill battle because of budget restrictions but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the basics and keates has spectacularly failed at that. I’m gutted because I loved him as a player but his managerial skills are woeful.


His style is to hit it at the fat bloke up front, he then gets 3-4 6 ft players to group around him so that, of the 50% of the time he wins it, when it drops we win the 50/50 ball. And then the player who does win the 50/50 looks up to find absolutely no one offering a pass or movement because they’re all huddled around him like a bunch of 6 year olds. We then lose the ball. The entire midfield is out of position and the present a 5 on 4 situation where they run through our semi pro right back and right sided centre half (signed because they’re taller than the guys they replaced) and score. All of which is of course the fault of Jon Guthrie


Just walked back in from one of the biggest unenjoyable games i have been to for many a long time .

totally devoid of any ideas just two or three passes at the back or square across then hoof , and hoof ,and hoof …

Not one player sticks out worthy of a mention except Roberts who pulled off some good saves , something like he used to do a while back . If it hadn’t of been for this better performance we would of lost 4 - 0 .

Only one piece of football put together all night and that was for their goal , shocking shocking display


As I said, slate him all you want.


I can rarely remember being more disgusted with this excuse of a club.

This was a massive game against the supposed worst team in the division, a game we should have been well up for, and we were lucky to come out with a single goal loss.

Our goalie was our best player and only Cook and Kinsella (who apparently wasn’t good enough to be part of previous match day squads) come out of it with any credit as they at least looked bothered. The rest were tat. Absolute rubbish.

The idiot in charge makes two subs, but doesn’t think of maybe throwing the third on - what do our defenders need to do to get subbed? Norman is terrible and Guthrie could be replaced by planting a tree.

We deserve to go down, and id expect us to struggle again if we did. Club is rotten.


Norman is not fit to lace devlins boots !!!


I actually thought today I’d rather have Devlin there.

That said… Devlin has been part of this atrocious defence.

It’s not that Norman can’t lace Devlin’s boots - it’s that we have signed someone even worse than devlin. Shambolic signing.


Devlin is ■■■■. Norman even ■■■■■■.


I’m afraid Scarr is no better either


I’ve been adamant that Devlin has done nothing wrong defensively all season. If you want a marker for a poor defensive (and attacking) performance from a right back then look no further than how Norman played tonight. Completely out of position for absolutely everything.

On another note, for those who do slag Guthrie off. Scarr is 10 times worse than Guthrie has ever been.


Devlin has been a disgrace defensively all season but that’s not the point here.

The point is that this defence is a disgrace.

How can Guthrie play every week? We’ve kept 4 clean sheets all season and he’s played every game - yet still plays. He was also part of the Crewe defence that got relegated with the record amount of goals conceded in the division.

Non league.


Scarr doesn’t look great but Guthrie is exceptionally rubbish. Plus hes had chance after chance.


You’re right, sorry this is American football isn’t it?

I mean when they’re attacking, we just put our 4 defenders out and let them get on with it do we?

But they’re attacking with 2 strikers and 4 midfielders. Doesn’t that mean our back 4 is out numbered?

But wait, their full backs are attacking too. That’s 8 against 4.

On that basis, our defence is doing pretty well all considering.

Interestingly, Guthrie plays left side of the CB pair and the goal came down the right hand side of the pitch. Also, it’s well documented that Norman had a mare, the most prominent moment being that he felt he should be tackling their player on the half way line when the other 3 of the back 4 were just outside the box.

Scarr ran under several headers, sliced 2/3 balls completely out of play. And went charging in to win balls he subsequently missed. Not only that but did you realise that Wimbledon marked Guthrie and let Scarr have the ball because they weren’t afraid to let him play terribly inaccurate cross field balls?


I’ve seen Norman and Scarr 3 times now and don’t think they have bought anything, it’s actually got worse, sorry but it’s got to be Devlin at RB and Johnson in for Scarr


Well if anyone thinks that Norman is an improvement on Devlin they must be mad. That aside we played a diamond formation which might have worked if the right players were in the right positions e.g. Osbourne at the base and Edwards on the right but DK has it the wrong way round. As a result the front two were starved of any decent ball and were chasing lost causes. I think we only created one chance from open play when Jarvis shot straight at the goalie when set up by Leahy.
Roberts was MoM by a country mile making 3 excellent saves and cleanly catching a number of crosses. I don’t blame the players for this or Jeff Bonser. DK has been backed well by the board and it has to be said some of his signings are Conference standard . I don’t know whether he should stay or go but this is a side lacking confidence and character.


One good idea Whitney had was to continue the 4-2-3-1 from the DS era and he or whoever indentified Oztumer pretty much kept the club in league 1 for two seasons with that signing.

When you’re in relegation battle you need as many match winners in final third as possible or at least players who can come up with magic in tight, dross games.

Think the difference Ozzy made in these type of games was taken for granted but his long range goals out of little aren’t half being missed now.

Style changed now of course which dosen’t really allow a free number 10 but Cook is feeding on scraps and not the striker who can create much himself so big problem considering he’s the obvious scorer in this squad.