AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


Yes well it seems that smith adopted what I would constitute a sound footballing model and nearly got promoted.

You on the other hand call for a big striker that fights defenders that wouldn’t get into a team higher than us. Let remember he’s 28 and no one else has took a punt on him. With the almighty Cook, we’re currently sat just above the relegation zone. We play absolutely no football because the options aren’t available to be able to. He doesn’t actually move.

As a team we don’t create chances. And when we do create a crossing opportunity. Our messiah striker doesn’t move towards the ball. Pretty much what I expect of a non league striker. But he wins a few headers and flick them onto no one so I suppose that works.


His second touch ain’t much better


I literally have no idea what you’re twaddling on about.

Smith has come into it now somehow! :joy:


I’m all for different opinions but I genuinely believe you’re on a wind up.


Yeah mate not having an idea sums you up.


You do realise he’s scored 16 goals yeah?


I’m happy with my opinion. All I’m saying is, at some point we will remove keates with the way it’s going and if the new manager want to play with the ball on the floor. Much like the way Smith played then Cook would not fit in the side because he may be up for the fight but he is not a very good footballer.


Ok :ok_hand:t2:


Has he **** better change my opinion.


I get where you are coming from re style of play and Cook certainly has his limitations but you can’t knock what he’s achieved - he’s paid to score goals and make the centre half’s uncomfortable and he does that .

I don’t think Guthrie is as poor as some make out either . Not great , not a commanding presence and prone to an error but are/ were Martin / Scarr / Fitz of this season / Johnson any better ? Really?


Service into the box for cook mate. Not high balls lumpt up from 100yards away


Think the point is they’ve all been taken out of the side for spells at some point this season, Guthrie stays in and automatic starter despite the defence not improving when said changes are made.

Edit: Only CB he plays o.k next to is Fitzwater imo and he’s not getting a game despite being belatedly brought back last minute which is a real headscratcher.


Well you probably should considering you rate a defender partly responsible for only 6 clean sheets in 39 appearances this season but not a striker who’s scored 16 goals along with gaining a player of month nominations with barely anyone creating for him.


Fair point , don’t know why he’s undroppable .

Worth trying Johnson and Fitzwater together ?


Guess I should go to bed now… but still fuming.:rage::rage::rage::rage:. Only a game why do I get so ■■■■■■ off ???


All this talk of the defenders being poor, yes it’s a problem, but I think people are missing the glaring issue right in front of their eyes here.


We literally don’t have one.

Look at tonights central 3 - Kinsella, Osborne and Edwards.

Are you telling me that is an adequate midfield 3 in League 1? Kinsella is improving granted, but I really don’t think he’s all that, he’s good at harrying, quite nippy, but in a 50/50 he’s not strong. Osborne struggled to get in our team when he was 2/3 years younger, and Edwards came to us as a right back.

I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, about our lack of challenge for the 2nd ball - I think (I’ve not seen the replay yet), that the goal came from 2 separate issues. Firstly, Guthrie screwed up his header, and instead of going out-and-up, giving him time to recover, it went down and central. It was immediately picked up by a Wimbledon player, and played through for the goal. (or maybe I’m thinking of the subsequent miss)… Either way… WHERE WAS OSBORNE? Where was Edwards? No challenge in sight.

In the first half especially, we were so exposed on the wings, mainly due to our shape, but still, so exposed.

I remember watching our play under Richard Money and remarking how our full-backs didn’t actually do that much defending. Most of it was done by our wingers - they would harry, they would chase, they would block, they would challenge - the full backs were there to tidy up the left overs and maintain a sound structure of the back 4 if ever the wingers failed in their job. Keates sets us out, without any kind of protection like this - is it any wonder our full backs have poor games?


I’m not buying into the player of the month award one bit.

I very much doubt someone has watched all 16+ players from each team in our league and decided which 6 have had the best month.

What they’ve done is looked at the results and gone “that Cook guy scored a few”. It’s as reliable as the sponsors giving the man of the match awards in our games.

What is your opinion on Cook then? Do you think Sunderland will offer £4 or £6 million for him? How many chances did he create tonight? How many times did he receive the ball the feet and lay it to an advancing midfielder. How many times did he spin into the corner to allow for an outlet ball to be played down the line? How many times did he relieve pressure on the defensive phase to turn it into an attacking phase for us by holding the ball up and bringing others into play?

As for Guthrie. Once again you’re another that seems to believe the 4 players at the back are solely responsible for conceding goals.

I’m more of the opinion that we aren’t able to sustain attacking play which means a high percentage of play is turned over by the opposition resulting in a high number of attacking opportunities against us. I’m fairly sure when they attack they don’t just attack the 4 defensive players while the other stand by. Am I right?


Think Keates would have learned a hell of a lot under Graydon and Nicholl ( maybe not)


Good finisher, with limited mobility. Age is not on his side.

Will probably leave us to be a bench/squad option for an established league 1 club on a 2 year deal.

Love the guy, and he’s the “star” of this team, but he’s not the same league as Grigg, for example. It’s a good example of how far we’ve fallen as a club.


I’ve been saying for a while now, picking individuals out is futile. Yes, we have some poor standard players, but you attack and defend as a team. Even if Guthrie screws up a header, the should always be 2 or 3 players queuing up to cancel out his mistake. The fact that there isn’t means that 1) the players looks worse than he actually is and 2) drains his confidence, meaning he makes more of the same mistakes.

It’s poor man-management, poor tactics, and a failure to understand that individual mistakes will happen, but there’s always 10 others to help resolve them. Unfortunately, we’re a team playing like 11 cobbled together strangers.