AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


Think scarr might actually beat Guthrie to that honour


No, I’ve watched him play. He’s paid to score goals and he has.

A solid league one striker. I think a good manager can mould him into whatever they want.

Erm, no. Read my posts regarding Leahy and Devlin. I have defended them and banged the “You defend as a team” drum all season. You’re forgetting I’ve watched Guthrie play. He’s dreadful. Don’t make assumptions, it’s not a good look.

Doesn’t help when your defenders choose to hoof it every time though, am I right? By that point you turn every attack into a 50/50. You do realise as well as defending as a team you attack as one too. I don’t necessarily blame the defenders for that though, it’s clearly a style of play Keates likes so I blame him. It’s not Cooks fault the ball is always in the air. The guy has scored 16 goals, a very good return for a striker from non league getting no service (which you alluded to). Guthrie has kept 6 cleans sheets in 39. Just like if a striker doesn’t score, he should be criticised. He just isn’t a very good player. Oztumer didn’t contribute defensively but he kept us up. Cook could well be that player this season but nah, let’s criticise him and not a player who’s literally part of one of the worst defences Walsall have ever had.

You’ve made your point and I think it’s nonsense. Let’s leave it at that. Can’t be arsed to talk after that ■■■■■ tonight.


Honest answer, and I know a thing or two about Sunderland living up here, Cook is EXACTLY the type of player they need and are lacking. If he was in the Sunderland team he would improve it, turn some of their draws into wins, and quite possibly be the difference between promotion or not.


Give them Guthrie too, clearly a ■■■■■■■ world beater :roll_eyes:


Cool story.

This wasn’t actually about you, more so the panel that nominated Cook. Not all about you you know pal.

A good manager would bring him off the bench if they desperate and pumping balls in the box. If he were at any club who played the ball quickly he wouldn’t keep up. The only way you could mould him would be like the pilsbury dough boy. He’s 28 too so age isn’t on his side. He’s made a good non league career out of what he’s got.

I’m glad you’ve defended them, we seem to agree on that. That being said, your justification for Guthrie still hasn’t been shared. He’s part of a defence that concedes goals goes against your “you defend as a team” mantra. Also, I don’t really care how things make me look, as you can see from my controversial opinions.

I am glad you bought this topic up. So from what I assume, and I like assumptions they make me look bad so a wise man once taught me, you’re saying the defenders just hoof the ball because they just do. Whereas my take on this is, a striker should make the run the play the ball to and not react to the ball being played. We as a team should be moving people out of their ridged position in order to find a way to play the ball into a strikers feet. Am I right? I am right.

Now I’ve seen all of the defenders we’ve played this season and the all the midfielders look up and have absolutely nothing the play to because, and I’m not sure if you’ve tried it, you can’t pass through an opaque object, and because said opaque object is stood infront of Cook we don’t seem to be able to find his feet. Now I’m not solely blaming this on Cook but he is a part of that issue. Further to this, Cook has seemingly been bought into the team for his battling abilities and often drifts to the far side CB and asks for a cross field pass to, you guessed it, his head. This pretty much is where I’m getting at with regards to the way we play.

But we can leave it at that it all good with me.


And by this point I stop reading.



Night Babe.

Look forward to you biting tomorrow. :kissing_heart:


Fell asleep part way through the second half just after his double sub. Woke near the end to find it wasn’t a bad dream.

We won’t bounce straight back like 10-12 years ago. Not a chance. If it does afford us days like Notts County or Swindon then okay - those days would be nice given this debacle.


We’ll be there to stay a while. Thing is, the board are well aware that this is the case as the division is full of hungry new teams coming through from the conference.

As it stands, we have a high chance of playing Solihull Moors and Wrexham. :unamused:


only for one season though…


Final nail?


Did we not have a shot in the 2nd half?
Could of been 2 or 3 if it wasnt for Roberts…
Something seriously wrong at the club, has he lost the dressing room?


Having watched the goal - like a knife through butter.


Actually hoofing it is exactly what the defenders just do! Listen to Keates in his after match comments where he said people are taking the easy option of just lumping it to Cook.


Keates out , its our only hope.


Still a third of the season of the left… we can still manage this.

However, it will be a minor miracle if we do stay up under him.

I vote Paul Hurst, or if we can tempt someone of the Warburton ilk- which I severely doubt.

As I think Phil has said for years, pay peanuts - get monkeys.


1 min 46 secs of our season summed up right there with the majority of that time showing the opposition attacking! Emergency board meeting today and if not it speaks volumes of the club.

In addition anyone else notice at the final whistle there was nothing. Few boos but nothing like Whitney would have received, sparse claps and fans just trudging home, me included. I just didn’t have the energy or desire to do anything, the club has drained it away from me. Dark times indeed.


Agree we do have a recent history of getting out of the mess , but this season feels different it’s almost like the footballing gods are calling time on us :rofl:


Oh don’t worry Funk, WalsallOne will never blame the owner. Even if the owner takes out a double page spread in the paper admitting he is to blame.

15+ of stagnation and still some people can’t see the wood for the trees.


I thought something had gone on right at the start of our bad run months ago. It looked like there was a divide in the team, my first thought was arguments in the dressing room. The players aren’t together and now they certainly aren’t with Keates either. It’s a bit of a mess.