AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


Jarvis on for Oteh.

Surely you take Gordon off in this scenario? Guy works hard but he isn’t exactly clinical in the box for the crosses.


Ooooh Edwards off. That’s gone down like a turd in a punch bowl


Walsall were actually evens to win tonight, Dons 2/1.


Gordon is a headless chicken always said it.


Cant believe this is happening. Managers not managing, what the hell do the players think they are doing and a board that is completely compliant in this mess.

Just ■■■■ off.


Agree . Why Gordon up front rather than Oteh ??


I meant favourites for relegation


As we stare down the barrel of 2 wins in 17, I think of all the close escapes we’ve had from league 2. This feels like one too many now.


This should be 4-0 to them


Cook just had a ■■■■■■■ fit at Gordon


So glad I stayed at home. I’ll be quids in not renewing my s t.


In fairness the bookies always make us favourites to go down. I believe the year we were a point away from promotion they made us favourite to finish 23rd


Not surprised. Doesn’t appear to have a brain


God knows why, hes been dreadful.


Can’t we sing Bonser out and sack the board - or are all the Bonser haters stayed away ?


Absolutely hate to post this, but might the pain of this defeat be worth it if a positive managerial change ensues? Even if we fluke this from here, I can’t see it leading to anything meaningful, either survival or anything else. Looks pretty irretrievable.


How can we be THIS bad? The absolute state of this football club from top to bottom. Disgrace doesn’t cover it. What a pathetic limp mess.

After Bradford they can all ■■■■ off. And next season, they can forget the season ticket renewal, I just don’t care, whatever league we’re in, which will be League Two. I’m just not making the effort anymore. Nothing will change at this club. Nothing. Shoestring budget ■■■■■■■■ year in year out.

I hope you’re proud of yourself Jeff


Exactly what I was thinking .

He has lost the plot .


Logged in to check the score. Back to work I go.



3287 there