AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


15 mins to save your job deano


Blues are in a similar generous mood at home to Bolton Wanderers!!


Feels like 15 minutes left to save the season and it ain’t looking good


Got to go!!!


Look on the bright side … PINNACLE’s there watching it !!


Can anyone at the match see if Jeff’s trigger finger is twitching?


Should be about 20 minutes added on with all these “injuries”


Walsall yellow card, 79 min (Andy Cook)


That sort of attendance will be the norm next season, will be some sub 3k attendances aswell with lower away followings in midweek,

People think the club is in a right state now, you haven’t seen the half of it with what could come in six months time.


That sort of result is a little bit more bearable when in the top 10.


The only problem with getting a new manager in is that we have a squad of about 20-21 players and he wouldn’t have a clue who to pick and not enough games left to work it out. Keates has really made a huge mess of this. Our only hope would be someone internally who could bring a bit of order to it, knowing the players, as Whitney did when O’Driscoll left.


Ward it is, then.


This is depressing. Norman kicking the ball out under no pressure sums it up.


Andy Cook booked, now on 8 yellow cards.

Two more and he gets a two match ban…might aswell retire the team for the season when that happens, save the bother.


Yes, I think it has to be


Last 10 minutes have been complete ■■■■■


Absolutely useless


Who is ther internally who could do a good job, Keates staff are untried at this level and would Ward want it?


Bonser Out, Mole Out, Gamble Out, Keates Out, Davies Out, First Team Squad Out. Last one out, turn off the lights.

We are heading to a dark, dark place.