Agents fees

I heard on WM that Walsall spent £60,000 on agents fees last year. Figures published today show the massive amounts paid out by clubs further up the pyramid. This is a scandal and detrimental to the game.Its about time the FA or whoever put a levy on these sums which are obscene and use the funds for grass roots football .

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And while the FA sort the agents fee out perhaps they’ll also sort out the obscene salaries paid to guys that kick a balloon around on the grass! Tears for Fears were so right when they said " it’s a mad world":flushed:

Good job we support Walsall.


Good point :upside_down_face:

It’s the big clubs who pay out the big sums to the agents,the FA or Premier league have absolutely no control over the big clubs,they are a law unto themselves.

Don’t blame the agents. There wouldn’t be any if there wasn’t a demand.

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