Albion Loanees

Kane Wilson going back permanently. Fizzy Water going back for their FA Cup game on Saturday and then back with us for the rest of the season.

Like how Keates isn’t extending deals for the sake of it.

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Think that is the perfect solution to be honest. Good luck to Wilson he needs to develop a lot at a level he can actually get a game.

Hopefully Keates will try to bring in two full-backs during this window to challenge Devlin and Leahy for the remainder of the season. With no news on contracts and no competition for either position, would be a smart move.

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El nombre might as well leave the forum if we sign full backs.

Fitzwater cup-tied for 4th rd then!

Nope. I’ve said repeatedly we need two new full backs LONG TERM.

I just haven’t partook in their constant scapegoating.

We need a whole new defence FFS never mind just the full backs.

Finally, an admittance of guilt :+1:t2:

We got there in the end.

Guilt? Of what? :joy::joy::joy:

" The thing is with this whole debate is if you simply say “I just don’t think they are good enough long term”. Fine! If the aim in the long run is promotion then I probably tend to agree with you, unfortunately.

But talking about “stats” when Luke Leahy has some of the best stats in the side, or sprouting hyperbole like “they’re average League 2 standard” then I’ve got no time for it. It’s just over hyping your opinion to try and disprove others.

They are what we have at the moment, they are average league ONE full backs and have done a fine job this season. it’s not even subjective. So constantly piling on them as some do achieves absolutely nothing and actually can only do harm because it ain’t changing any time soon."

Posted in November by me. But I’m not shocked to find you barely read what I said. And to think you work in science! Hope you don’t ignore stuff as flippantly in your day job.

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Wilson was bum. Very disappointed in him after his rave reviews at Exeter. Fitzwater makes sense even if his form has dipped.

To be honest, I (and others) enjoy winding you up.

Have a peaceful day.

Of course you do. Brush it off when proven wrong. It’s the usual way. “I once saw a hedge” and all that.

But I haven’t been proven wrong :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, you have :man_shrugging:

Wilson is not currently League 1 standard and there are doubts about his best position. He ain’t a good enough defender to play full-back and he doesn’t seem to be that good going forwards…so not a good loan signing for us - we can do better.

Only if Fitz is in the squad surely.

Maybe Exeter suited his style of play,maybe the Exeter players played to his strong points.Thats why when players move to another club it brings out the very best in them.I wouldn’t say Wilson was a bum,he just didn’t fit in with our style or Keates’s tactics.

Disagree. He is just not good enough. The only time I thought he looked decent was against League 2 opposition in Macclesfield, and even then his delivery was abysmal.

Think it’s a bit of both to be fair. Clearly not ready for League One football but you don’t put in the performances he has at only 17/18 in proper league football and gaining rave reviews without having some promise.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see us linked with him in the future if he drops down a division and excels again, Ginnelly style. But at the moment he doesn’t make our grade.

Loaned for whole season, well, that press nowadays. I would try Wilson on right midfield, but it doesn’t matter much now. It looks like he was another wing-back, so player who is not suitable for the team. Anyway, I hope another defender will come, cause all season without cover could be risky.

Or maybe when we drop down a division?

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