Alfie Bates - how far can he go?

Bates definitely needed a games rest but not featuring him for a month and bringing in a loan player who’s replaced him is baffling to me

If we want to be anything like Crewe as a lot of us said in another thread, we need to take advantage of this premature end to the season and give as many games as possible to the next gen - Bates, Perry, Jules… give them games and something to build on for next season while there’s not much at stake because I’d like to think next season we’ll be challenging and can’t afford to blood youngsters

Give them the experience now or I fear we’ll never see the best of them as they’ll plateau on the subs bench / reserves or leave us for a team with better vision willing to give them games who will then probably go on to make a fortune in selling them


Your comments make sense, unfortunately you don’t have any coaching badges to back up your argument :wink:

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I agree although Jules won’t get a look in while he’s bad at training; even though he’s good in games.
Doesn’t matter if you’re good in training and bad in games though…


If this is the single reason why then DC really has got serious deficiencies as a man and also as a man manager.
Jimmy Greaves was not a good trainer . . . . .


DC would have played him on the right wing anyway. :crazy_face:

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Nah, right wing would have been a waste in DC’s eyes, he would have stuck him in goal!

Merson never trained at Pompey but was forced to train at Walsall. Which Merson would you rather have?

He has the ability to play in the Premier League in my opinion. All about attitude, timing and lots of lots of luck for him now.

Never turned into Dele Ali but there’s still time

1,144 miles is the answer, apparently.


Sad to see Alfie suffer late play-off heartbreak, coming on as a late super sub in Brackley Towns cruel home reverse in the Conference North play-off final against Boston United. A player once touted on here as a future PL player potentially, sad to see his career has stalled somewhat.