All things considered!

Ok, we’re all really disappointed that we lost today after being 2-0 up. We’re disappointed about the run-up to the promotion race,but by and large we are lightyears away from the disappointment of previous years on and off the field. It will obviously depend on transfer business in and out but I think that Trivela will show their worth next season with a brand new lineup in the boardroom and we should for the first time in a long time hit the ground running right from the get-go.


Quality over quantity this summer.

No need for a 40 players overhaul like previous seasons.

Keeper, RWB, Hutchinson replacement and two proper centre forwards should be the main priority.

The first five signings made all need to be better than what we currently have.


Agree mate they need to be good ones and ours i don’t want our best player being took away again in January it’s hurting us Draper could have been the difference if he had still been here.