Andy Cook

Just watching Tranmere v Wycombe anyone know ( or care) if Cook is injured he’s not on the bench . Morris started and Ferrier on at halftime

Not sure if you’re trolling


Cook is probably on a bench somewhere. With a pint in front of him.

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Sounds like a good Sunday to be honest. His season’s work is done now he’s scored past us.

I wondered where my kitchen floor mop went Morgan Ferrier thieving git

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Somebody told me he was injured I think, he fell over in a man’s field, something like that. My hearing isn’t what it was.


Pardon :ear:??

I thought Cook played for Mansfield!!!

No mate just a complete brain drain moment ! Think I’ll go down the pub

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We’ve all had them!

Hahaha rough weekend?! :smile:

Ferrier is still god awful, B-Taylor looked very lively and Morris was well Morris.

Ongoing !

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still think ferrier might have done a job in our division.

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Yeah but he would of been arrested …:supervillain:

He does .
Im confused aswell