Announcement - Match Threads

Due to personal circumstances at the moment, I don’t feel like I can dedicate the time to writing extensive match previews, so until the end of the season there won’t be many from me. I will set up the threads still for all the games, and if I can do a preview I will, but don’t expect one.

If anybody on here that sees this fancies having a go at writing one for an upcoming game then feel free to let me know and get on to it.



Cheers Rob. All the best mate.


Thank’s for all the time you have put into doing them.

Hope things all work out for you mate.


Look forward to reading your match previews Rob, but understand, and remember you have mates on here if you need a chat, all the best :wink:


Thanks for doing them. Best wishes.

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Thanks for being so honest mate, you’ve done sterling work up to this point and all the best from me also.

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Thank you for all you’ve done.
I hope things get sorted for you.


Thanks for all the previews you’ve done. I always read them before any other preview in the press. Much more insightful.
We all know how much time and effort it takes to provide the thorough previews that you do.
Thanks again and chin up.

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Totally agree with the above, many thanks for the great input for match threads…an essential part of the weekend (and midweek) ritual in this house far away from Walsall. UTS.

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