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Firstly, I know nothing about how your club is ran or anything but I’m just here to tell you what you can expect from DC based on his time here.

When DC came here he got rid of anyone who did not fit into the philosophy that he wanted. Players who thought they were too good, players who did not act like footballers(out on the ■■■■ most nights etc), basically got rid of all the bad eggs. He then brought in a core of experienced players along with a few young uns and this was brilliant for the development of the youngsters. He brought in players who cared for the shirt and would always put in 110%. Under his time here even if we lost we could very rarely put it down to lack of effort. He likes his teams to be fit, and Stuart Sinclair is the best example of all that and you guys will honestly love him. He’s not the most gifted player but he knows that and he more than makes up for it by running non stop, harassing and closing down the opposition. It’s like having an extra man on the pitch because he will give the opposition no time on the ball, and hes everywhere when you’re on the ball. He also does a lot of work for the community side of it all. DC is a great man manager and this is why he gets so much respect and effort from his players. Also, no players on big contracts. No stupid wages, he’ll offer what he thinks a player is worth and if it’s not enough he’ll move onto the next one. He also said he aims for success. “Promotion is always the aim, what’s the point in being a manager if you’re going to aim for mid table”.

DC will also act like a fan of the club from the off. From his time here he always spoke highly of the fans, would go into the boozers with fans after games etc and is always friendly and approachable. Prior to DC we had only came from behind to win something like 2 times in 4 years, under DC that number rocketed and in our first season back on League 1 I think it was something like 14 victories after going behind. His teams are fit and fight until the end.

After his second promotion with us Leeds approached the club and the club granted Leeds permission to speak to DC. DC turned Leeds down because he thought something special was happening here. New training ground, new stadium, “dont have to sell our best players” messages from the owners etc. Then in the next 3 windows we sold our 3 best players for nothing, 1 to rivals. The training ground has gone stale for 2 years and the club pulled out of the stadium. Towards the end of his time here he started calling the owners out about how this club needed to progress and they’re talking about cutting the budgets even further etc.

I believe that was the final straw and the job here just got too much. Constant lies from the board etc after turning down a big job based on false promises.

I do have to say that generally DC has a slow start to the season, happened in both our promotion seasons and also our highest ever finish in 17 years season. Just give him time and he will work miracles. I’m on you guys coming straight back up.

Either way, you’ve got a great manager in DC and he will manage at the top one day. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your results, but I hope he doesn’t stay with you for too long because I would give anything to have him back here.


Can’t help but feel there is a certain Graydonesque feel to DC . Hope that is true however the falling out with Rovers board over ambition is a worry. He needs to be backed properly


He’s gonna find it tough at the Bescot then! The KGB let the people know more about their activities than the board of Walsall F.C. do!
Misinformation and redacted figures presented to us pleb fans, the disappearance of incoming funds into a mysterious ‘black hole’ that includes a farcical youth set up with zero output, and general deceit about the running of our club are stock in trade for our lot.
Great to hear from you what we have top look forward to in DC, but realistically not many of us can see him lasting long under the leadership of our uncle Jeff!
He has already set about a clear out of last seasons talentless bunch, so now looking forward to a new season under a decent manager (for as long as he lasts without blowing a gasket in frustration!)


For me I reckon the chance to rebuild Walsall from top to bottom is what attracted DC to the club. As a manager that must be an attractive proposition.

I’m sure he’s well aware that he will never take this club any further than League 1.

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He took us from the lowest point in our history to our highest league finish for 17 years, narrowly missing out on playoffs and back to back to back promotions. Had we not sold Matty Taylor in the Jan window I reckon we would have done it. Theres no limit for DC but when you’re back in L1 he will make the board aware that to progress you will need the infrastructure and backing put in place.

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And that’s when he will be told to leave :joy:


I am sure there would be very few clubs (if any) Clarke would have dropped down to League 2 for. Look at it from his point of view - hes joined a club who only two years ago were a game away from the Championship.He will see us a club who he can achieve success with and in turn get people noticing him again.

Promotion from League 2 shouldn’t be out the equation neither should a top half League 1 campaign when we do get back there, then i am sure Clarke will have a whole host of clubs sniffing around him – which by this time he wont reject them like he did when he was at Rovers.

He will have seen what Dean Smith did for his career here and will think he could do the same.

It is the perfect match right now…lets hope we are still talking the same come December/January.


So why did he leave Bristol Rovers in December? A fall out with the board, or poor results? Rovers were well entrenched in the relegation zone at the time.

A timely change of manager saved them.

A bit of both. Whilst DC still has a relationship with the board(the owner has posted photos of them together) it clearly wasnt working in a “professional” manner. But yes whilst results were poor many would have still had DC in charge had we actually gone down and there was quite the uproar when he eventually left. Everyone could see that he needed a well deserved break and he looks so much more refreshed and ready to go now that he’s had a few stress free months.

For what it’s worth I believe we would have stayed up under DC just as easily. We were playing much better under DC despite not getting results and just needed someone to hit the back of the net. We played horribly after he left but Jonson Clarke Harris came in and pretty much kept us up with his goals. I know its the results that matter and on the face of it we were going down under him but I dont reckon we would have.


Wouldn’t go as far as ‘never’. What’s to say he don’t have the same effect as smith. I personally dont feel that we can never get out of league 1 when we get back up. He could put together the best squad we have had in years.

Thanks for that, @1883.

Or he will be given permission to talk to another club then dismissed :joy:

I thought you’d done well to bring in Clarke when it was announced. I knew how well he’d done at Bristol Rovers but the numerous ringing endorsements from Rovers supporters must be sweet reading for Walsall fans.
Your owner’s got the appointment right, let’s hope he fulfils any promises he’s made him.


And there lies the problem. If DC does well, Jeff will never push the boat out any further than necessary, especially if his pension income generator is in any danger.


That’s a little different from your above post @VulcanXH558 , does that mean she’s just read it…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


She must have :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy::joy:


Nah …just a bit close to the knuckle mate😄 kind of self moderated.


That’s the best kind !! :wink:


Jeff has to keep this up now and prove he wants our football club to move forward , he can’t get away with doing it half hearted anymore

Yes the people he has got in so far have raised everyones hopes of a good season ahead , but I believe fans won’t be fobbed off with this little smoke screen any longer , he knows more than ever fans want him gone , even if we win the league and go up we want more success , and he’s got to back it or ■■■■ off


Yeah right …:wink::smile: