Another manager goes

I see Southend have sacked Chris Powell

This follows Stuart McCall being fired from Scunny a few days ago…

Not suggesting Deano deserves the boot at all but as we know only too well - some clubs owners have much less patience than JB…

Looks like some owners definitely will do whatever it takes (within their control anyway) to avoid the drop into L2…

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They’re banking on that new manager bounce. If it works, they stay up. If not, they’re possibly in even more trouble. We didn’t get the new manager bounce last season, we just got lucky.


Northampton (H) late on in the game. 0-0. Cross comes in from their left side, sails over Roberts. Hits the post, then Roberts’ back, then rolls along the front of the crossbar to eventually be cleared.

That’s the bounce, and the luck, that kept us in League One.

Not sure it was the bounce. But it was the luck. A bounce is improved results and performances. We didn’t really have either if we’re all honest. As much as I wanted Whitney out. Things didn’t really improve, apart from more of a togetherness.


I meant ‘bounce’ as it in literally bounced off the post when a hairs width could have meant it was a goal and probably 3 less points than we finished on - meaning relegation. Hence, the luck and the ‘bounce’.


And don’t forget at home to a doomed Bury. They were the better side, created a host of chances, missing them all except a lovely diving header towards the end…into their own net.

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As long as you have a good squad of players a change in management can work.

But you know the old saying “you can’t polish a turd”

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Southend Sloppies at weekend is so tough to calll as who you’d rather win. Of course you hope for a draw but not every relegation six pointer will end like that.

If Southend don’t win they let a winnable home game pass them by (they have Sunderland at home last day) while Sloppies have probably a tougher run in (they still have to go to Barnsley and Coventry).

Probably would side with Sloppies only due to Southend being a point worse off and also maybe if Shrewsbury hit a decent run of form they’ll be safe by final day so won’t be on full throttle for that game.