Ant Gilbert - Stadium security

So I was over from the US for a family visit and managed to go see both the Cambridge and Stevenage games.

At the Cambridge game I managed to lose my wallet. I was totally bricking it (gross understatement) because everything I had was in there including my Green Card - no Green Card, no US entry. To get travel papers just to travel back and an eventual replacement would have been a ball breaking process.

We looked everywhere for it - no joy!

My Big Sis contacted the club and we got a call Monday to say it had been handed in by one of the Security team.

This guy was Anthony (Ant) Gilbert.

There was 300 quid in the wallet and everything was there.

I managed to speak to him (I was understandably emotional because he literally saved my arse) before the Stevenage game but he wouldn’t take a reward and I couldn’t at least buy him a pint.

So I simply wanted to say a big thank you on here in the event he takes a look and especially to mention his honestly. A rare thing in this day and age - I would have gladly given him the money contents of my wallet as reward.

Thanks Ant!!! :heart_eyes:


What a heart warming story after all the criticism we see on here of the club and its employees. I hope you have a safe and pleasant journey back to the USA.


Superb story well done Ant :clap: maybe fans can find him and give him a pat on the back at the match on saturday.


Reminds me of the time me and the wife went to the Man U game back in the 80’s, we all stopped at a pub on the way to the game, when we were making our way to the ground later i asked my wife to get the tickets out of the wallet i had asked her to look after earlier, turned out she had left it on the window cill, it had over £200 in it with the tickets and credit cards, we high tailed it back to the now empty pub, and i asked if a wallet had been handed in? sure enough it had, with everything intact, i offered the barman £20 but he said he couldn’t take the credit as someone else had handed it in, can only assume it was one of our own fans, but it’s infuriating when you can’t reward someone and let them know how grateful you are.


Good to know there are still some decent people in this world.


He’s a good lad. I used to work as a steward at the ground and his mum and brother worked there too (his mum has stopped as of this season). Nice family, good morals.

Glad to see your contents were returned safe and sound. Too many people these days out there that would just take it.


Top news.

Well done on taking the time to thank sucb a great guy.

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That is nice to hear. Most people are decent and honest.

I lost my wallet once in a pub, went back to find someone had handed it wasn’t able to reward them so popped £20 in the charity box instead.

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