Any improvement since Stadium ownership?

We all wanted WFC to own the stadium freehold and we’re very happy when this happened.

But what has changed?
We haven’t seen any improvement on the pitch and the match day experience is still crap (but more expensive)

Were we wrong to focus on stadium freehold? Would we rather have seen investment on the pitch?

Does anyone know if the annual cost of owning the freehold is lower than the annual rent?

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The freehold is a long term investment, it will take years for us to see the benefits on the playing side


See what the next couple of months bring as this is the first summer since…and with another new manager.

I believe Boycott said we are now paying less than the rent cost


I’ll be judging them on this summer rather than this season.

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Unfortunately, the stadium rental model that the club followed for 3 decades ingrained a very negative mindset in to the club and it’s employees. Failure was almost baked in and success happened despite the leadership team, not because of.

That attitude will take years to be weeded out.


How many mortgage payments have we made? Two, three?

I get the frustration but let’s give them at least a first full summer to make a difference.


Has Pomlett/Boycott ever told us what WFC paid for the stadium freehold? And the terms of the financing?

We know about the new pitch but has it had a lick of paint seats cleaned toilets sorted in general has it had a spruce up

Switching from renting something to paying back a loan on something usually is a slight short term detriment but a significant long term benefit.

I think we’re paying forward some of that benefit in some of this summer’s signings.

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