Anyone had on?

With all the current optimism, even euphoria in abundance, whose put their money where their mouth is?

Just bought our points at 66 for £35 a point on the spreads. I’m owed from last season :triumph:.

Will probably have a dabble on the fixed odds later in the week.

Haven’t had my annual massive £10 each way bet as yet ( though have already splashed out a free bet on us).
Have never really understood spread betting.

I will be honest i have not got a clue what you are on about? i bet on winners losers scores etc but that 66 for £35 a point thingy has gone right over my head :laughing:

I am no betting exert but I think Belphegor will receive £35 for every point we achieve above 66 points but would have to cough up £35 for every point below 66 points. Is that correct?

I presume there is some by-out option?

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Few to many shandy’s chunk ,again

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I am sure you have been there a few times billy 2 burgers :grin:

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Few times too many I’m afraid

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Indeed, spot on Tinned. The points are revised after each game allowing you to close out (or buy in) as the season progresses.
I like it because every match / point matters.

I’m even prepared to put my money on us finishing above 16th now, such is my mild optimism.

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Only put £50 (not the hundred) at 15/1 to win the league.

Backed us each way @ 16/1.

Also had a cheeky each way double with the Baggies @ 10/1

Another bet I placed was an each way trixie, with us, baggies and the dingles, with a +38 point advantage to finish top four, at 16/1




Perfect start for those that have dabbled :smile:

Put a massive £1.20 on game to be a draw yesterday!

Who’s offering those odds?!

I might eat these words at a later date, but ostensibly, that seems like it should be much shorter. I like your chances of cashing in.

We were 16/1 with most bookmakers, but we have shortened a bit since yesterday to 14/1, the Baggies were also available at most bookies, but have also shortened since yesterday.

The handicap bets were with Ladbrokes, not sure if you can still get those now the season has started.

Maybe the premiership ones are as I haven’t checked, because they have not kicked off yet.

I also backed us in an each way trixie with the Baggies +6 and Villa +52 points.

I also backed us to win 1-0 yesterday and the three West Midlands clubs to win yesterday.