Are Villa, West Brom & Wolves listening?

Cos in June last year our co Chairman who is mentoring our other co Chairman said that’s what would happen. They’d be listening to us rather than the other way around apparently.

I’m not local anymore, but maybe those of you who are could let me know. Are the football supporting inhabitants of the B and WV post codes looking nervously over their shoulders? Will Villa fans returning from their victory at Chelsea be looking at the fourth division worrying that Walsall’s rise from 16th last year to 13th this year represents an unstoppable juggernaut that will ultimately conquer the West Midlands football scene?

Just curious.


They’re talking about us but not in the way Pomlett suggested. The crap he must be feeding Boycott is a worrying thought!


Sounds like the mentoring includes watching videos of us stuffing the Albion. It was 20 years ago like, but if it is watched enough times maybe it will feel like it is now.

We are that bad now I don’t think the teams mentioned even bother laughing at us anymore.


Pomlett is full of shite.


Snake oil salesman

Think we’ve all had enough of Pomlett and the Bonsor Babes


Trivella need to wheel an axe

Trivella wont be judged on pop up bars, leaking toilets fixed or affiliations with hipster brewery’s.

It’s results and league positions.

Don’t expect us to be patient. The patience we had ran out with non stop nonsense from LP. Our co Chairs mentor.

Sorry but not sorry


Don’t think many are listening to be honest, let alone the bigger local clubs. The only listening that needs to be done is the board to the fans.


I would be very interested to know if there has been a takeover in the history of football that has resulted in less change - never mind two take overs!

It was fascinating when somebody put on the match thread how critical our board were of Mansfield during the DJ saga. Were they not also very critical of Vale when they poached Clarke? 2 very well run clubs on an upward trajectory that clearly know what they’re doing.

If only we had even 10% of the nouse of those horrible footballing organisations in our board room. But no, we have to put up with ridiculous statements like that above, being told our rivals will go out of business to justify selling assets (number of rivals where this has happened??), sex offenders on promo material, the most gratuitous celebrations of minimal success and the continual palming off of constructive critique while being totally clueless on how to turn the most mudane parts of the club around as we continue to struggle at the foot of division 4 and cant even compete with clubs that were non league 18 months ago

But yes Benny boy - what a fabulous job they are all doing. Thanks for your assessment. My assessment having suffered these Directors for over a decade is very different - and much nearer to the truth


What was the context that Pomlett said that quote? I’d love to give him the benefit of the doubt but he really dosen’t help himself does he?

Of course 10 years ago Brentford were in league one and now a decade on they’re 5 points ahead of Chelsea going into final 10 games so David can slay Goliath on the odd occasion but it’s a total pipe dream based on the same rigid strategic decisions on the football side.

Are V*le, Cheltenham, Sloppies and Burton listening? All should remain in league one now so need to get back into that league and start being an envious model for some of those clubs again.

Oh dear, I’d forgotten that one. Classic, especially as he had been banned from attending matches in the past.

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Great post above funk.

I said back at the start of the LP tenure we were non league in mindset structure & end product and it would be just a matter of time before L2 ran out of basket case clubs to relegate (or that we became one of the basket case clubs)

Back to the point I’ve quoted.

I think it would be touch and go if we were a play off Club in the NL.

Lots of clubs who’ve got their house in order, put a plan together and have a strategy to kick on. It’s why so many take so well to League Football

Yet we are supposed to marvel at the work our board do !

Basically got David Brent mentoring the new boss :man_facepalming:



“That UTS lot are little slugs…”


There are a number of dildos in the boardroom at the club in all honesty :smiley:

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That’s the only buzz we’ll hear this season

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I’d imagine our interviews for managers and appraisal system is similar to David Brent’s :rofl:

What app do you use to make these mate?