Argyle fan in peace - Darrell Clarke question

Alright saddlers, Pilgrim in peace here… firstly I’ve got money on a draw tomorrow, we started strongly but have tailed off a bit and I think Ryan Lowe has got a task on his hands shoring up our defence.

Anyway I’ve just been out in the car and I drove past a Maserati Quattroporte in Warwick with number plate 'WA55 ALL" - and I wondered if it was Darrell Clarke’s? Does he live in Warwick?

Or, is it a superfan maybe that lives in Warwick???

Safe travels to God’s county tomorrow, try the pasties.

This might be a more likely candidate:

Not sure we have any Superfans :joy::joy:. It’s not s number plate I have seen sorry

Thanks guys, you’re right the Wassall might be a better shout. Good luck for the coming season…

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Darrell Clarke lives in Lichfield, Staffs.

Think that kind of info should be " undisclosed "

Is he renting a room off Dan Mole?

Question do they let you in the pubs round the ground in club colours ?

Just make sure it’s not red and white stripes