Arsenal FA Cup 5th Round 1978 Were you there?


I was 21 and remember it vividly. I must have been p****d, everyone else on the coach was !


I wasn’t there at that particular time. Bit of a lacuna. I had fallen in love and missed a few games. Not many. We got married. My son is a proper Saddler and my 6 year old grandson attends his very first game on Saturday v Accrington S.


Can’t beat 3 generations of Saddlers together at games!


I was there, but I’m surprised now at how little I can remember of it. And I was too young to have been drinking. All I can really remember is our goal, and Colin Harrison getting clean through when it was still 0-0, but being stopped by Jennings.


I’ve had contact from Fellows1926 who confirms he knows you from old.


There was some trouble as i remember , there was a load of Spurs fan’s waiting at the train station for us , and as we didn’t leg it when they charged at us they ended up coming in the clock end with the Walsall giving the Arsenal some ---- !
Also remember a load of Arsenal wading into us just before kick off in that end and a line of copper’s trying to separate us as the Walsall started having a go back .
At the end of the game we we’re taking our scarf’s off but my mate had a sew on patch on the back of his jacket , the v for victory hand with Walsall F.C on ( do you remember them , every body and team had them those day’s ) and some Arsenal tw–t kicked him down the step’s :rofl:


We worked together some 40 odd years ago now and still bump in to him now and again and have a chat about nothing and everything.


I got knocked over in the melee when that happened before kick off . Remember the Spurs fans in our end as well.

Happy days watching Walsall in the 70’s.


As one or two others have posted, Stapleton (2) MacDonald and Sunderland were on target for Arsenal whilst here…the moment Alan Buckley shot past Pat Jennings to give us a bit of hope…


Jennings denies the efforts of Dave Serella and Alf Wood…


No gloves :slight_smile:

Seems that the Buck and I share the same wonky memory!

Have you got the match report F26?


Sadlad comes up with the goods again! I was eleven and when that goal went in everyone around me stood up so I had to wait to see the goal on match of the day. This was probably the first time I had seen trouble at a football game, I remember watching fists fly in the clock end where the fans didn’t appear to be segregated and trouble as we walked back to the car(our coach didn’t turn up to pick us up from caldmore). I also remember the seemingly never ending line of coaches, over 100 of them in total.


Here you go @Chanticleer its only a copy as the original was faded but hopefully readable


@Sandysaddler yes I remember the never ending bank of coaches we took that day had a job to find ours after the game! I kept my ticket stub…


Spent my afternoon in the cage and the the rest of the weekend in the Royal Northern Hospital Islington with concussion.Following Walsall in the seventies was always interesting.


Still got that old light blue/black/white scarf knocking about somewhere.

BTW - Couple of interesting stats coming out of Brentfords game with Arsenal tonight (courtesy of the Beeb)…

’ Brentford are one of only five English teams Arsenal have faced at least 10 times and lost more games against than they’ve won (P12 W3 D4 L5), along with Liverpool, Manchester United, Notts County and Walsall’
… so get googling …

‘Bees boss Dean Smith has faced Premier League opposition five times in his managerial career - he’s lost all five matches, conceding at least three goals in every game’
All Saddlers games ? Can you name 'em ?


Thinking back I had a brand new sky blue/black and white scarf just for that match with a rosette too, can’t remember if it was a cup game but we went to port Vale away that season, I think it was Jeff King’s debut! Amazing what I can remember from forty years ago yet I can’t remember what
the missus asked me to do two minutes ago! :rofl:


@ExiledSaddler The Chelsea FLC game when he was with us


Crystal P too (FLC) ? (or were they championship?)


loved that sky blue and black kit