Arsenal FA Cup 5th Round 1978 Were you there?


I was also 11 at the time first away game sat high up in a stand that seemed miles away from the pitch. I seem to remember someone throwing a log through the back window of a Forest coach at the services on the way there.


That’s the badge i was on about when my mate got kicked down the step’s , took his scarf off and forgot about the badge on the back of his coat :hiking_boot: :laughing:


Not this time, Buck. Pat Jennings collects at the feet of our goal king…


I believe he was firstly bowing , and then followed this up with the polishing of his boot’s :wink:


Remember going from the Peel in bloco with the footie team and drowning our sorrows in soho after, then thinking we see Walsall fans singing and turning out to be Forest fans who gave us a kicking, so drowned em even more in a pub where some bloke kept buying the beer, happy days.


Ditto Big Mick in our goal…no gloves. Here he denies David Price a certain goal with another fine save…


Seeing that kit always reminds me of the time that Walsall (h) played Walsall (a) in the 1978 World Cup.


I was not there. Sadly my class at school was full of dingle and baggie fans. Hard times…


We’d beaten Leicester in the previous round - right? I was there - aged 16 - went with my dad on a bus with the Walsall Post Office social club. I remember being cold, it was damp, how small Highbury seemed and feeling intimidated by all the swanky posh women in their posh cloths… I was 16 OK. We looked great in the away kit but we didnt play well, there seemed nothing to cheer about, our end behind the goal was kind of quiet, usually at games like that we almost out shouted the home supporters. I remember David Coleman on radio 2 on the bus saying we gave a good account of ourselves but sadly we were outplayed by an in form Arsenal. Not one of my favourite WFC memories.


Alf Wood…


Such a shame about Alfie Wood.


Was there, went on a coach from aluminium bronze wallows lane, what my old man organised


Four of us went , but with only 3 tickets.
Had to deal with a spiv outside the marble halls , who was Private Walkers double…trilby, tache, the lot.
A right dodgey geezer , and no mistake.
He was ■■■■ scared of the plod, and spoke in one word scentences,whilst walking past us to and fro like an apparition.


We did beat Leicester in the previous round, one of the few games I still have newspaper cuttings from.




Great pics Sandysaddler - remember the game well - reckon I was in the section of the cowshed behind Bucko in the second to last one


We hammered them 1-0 from what I remember. Outplayed them, chance after chance, then a last minute winner when it looked like a replay.

Leicester were rock bottom of the old Div 1. I think they thought it was an easy chance for a cup run. I sold programmes then on Wallows Lane. Leicester fans were easily the most obnoxious I had to put up with.


Is that Jeff King, Pic 3?


Indeed it is, also a couple of pics of Buckley, alf wood and dave seralla headers and alun Evans wonder goal.