As Kents left yet

Its’s 11;40 pM. As Kents left yet !?

He needs to be left before to soon aSaP…,

Chammbers for the our new manAger.
Reading this Jeff !?

He will surt it out. Sill up Bontar.


It’s like an episode of Allo,Allo……:grin:


Listen very carefully. Ah weel say zis only wonce.


Ahhhh Oui (or is it wee) oh sorry that’s what’s all over the toilet floors!

Surrely he’s as to goo tonighbt. Kents his the worsest man ager weve we have evEr add.

s’taht ysae rof ouy ot yas.

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English please!

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doog eno SS!! tog tahw uoy did ereht.

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Not gewin wembley.

Gewin Stevenage…

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Gewin darn

Kents will taike us dOwn. , we shoudl sak him . Now befour Satursdays game and gEt some onebody in with esperience like Brian horten or Snozz. KenTS OUT!!!¡

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I egREe toEteLY


Fn L … thiz gora b a WinD AP

Bontar sill up Kent’s owt we need sheaspeace back and in charge😉

Ye gud ol’ Sharkey

Do you mean shakey?. WHo is, sharkeyy?

My favrit colur is Birchills Brown.

When is the cut off time for statements from the Board? Can’t remember whether it is 9.30 or 10.30?
Looks as if we will be stuck with Keates as our manager in the 4th Division, with a squad of 45 journeymen, no hopers,3rd Division reserve youngsters desperate for a game, and Scarr etc that we are stuck with. Playing a different team every week, and hoping against hope that we sneak an eventual win against Morecambe at home.