Aston Villa (H) - Friendly, Sat 15th July, 1:00pm

We’re wearing our away kit again tomorrow. Did that last year too.

is this some kind of acknowledgement that Villa are the home team in this fixture? :thinking:

Farq, Daniels, Hussey
Knowles, Riley, Stirk, Gordon
DJ, Matt

Would be my starting line up for tomorrow

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Exactly my 11, too.

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I used to have a pin badge with I’d rather watch Crossroads than the Villa on it.

Still applies, take their money and eff um off.

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We are only 11/2 to beat them :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

One reason I prefer McEntee to Comley, Stirk and Riley is his height. Good to have a midfielder who can win headers.

Djt looks way more effective than Matt in the leamington game and Matt was awful since January
Don’t want matt as a starter

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I was just trying to think of some of the tallest players we have had, that couldn’t win a header if their life depended on it? :laughing:

Most of them the last few years other than Scarr. Kinsella easily out jump them

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Villa fans at work can’t understand why I’m not going. I don’t really want to pay out to be embarrassed and watch opponents fans enjoying themselves.
Mind you hope they buy loads of sausage burns


The only one i ever enjoyed was the sight of Hendrie kicking the ball at his own fans after they were barracking him :joy:


Is that when they were calling him a bluenose

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They still think we care about this fixture. Thick as pigs.

You think they would get the hint when we let them play vs Lazio here cause Springsteens ruined the pitch. They are easy money.


Yes, it was hilarious :joy:

Looking at BBC Weather this could be quite wet and windy.

Can’t beat the amazing U.K weather can you.I’ve gone from seeing one whispy cloud in 10 days in Turkey to getting pissed on all day.

Dave Bamber?


Thinking the same

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Terry Austin?

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Better be on, I’ve already left!

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