Aston Villa (H) - Friendly, Sat 15th July, 1:00pm

Preview unlikely to follow.

Live on Aston Villa tv £5 for those unable or unwilling to attend


Was going to watch it on TV but changed my mind and bought a ticket. Villa get enough £’s as it is. The Purple Tile Choice Homeserve Gilbert Alsop stand is selling well.

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I watch it at home.
Cheaper , no atmosphere really in friendly, we get thrashed every year , no travel, cheaper drinks :wink: , don’t really care about the game but it’s better than mr tumble or the little mermaid all day so there’s that this I’ll watch it


Always a good day, very much looking forward to it. Hope we can be competitive but nice to watch European qualifying opposition at the Bescot, some of their football against us in recent years has been a joy to watch Villa fan or not.


Meks ya sick, dow it!

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The team we put out against them last year:

Walsall (4-2-3-1): Evans (Przybek, 46); Bennett (Maher, 71), Daniels (Clarke, 63), Richards-Everton (Monthe, 46), Allen (Green, 78); Comley (White, 46), Kinsella (Livermore, 63); Riley, Hutchinson, James-Taylor (Williams, 46); Abraham (Mukuna, 78)

Surely we can do better than the traditional 0-4 with the squad improvements we’ve made even just so far?

A lot of good points there.

Not sure I’m bothering with this, last years game was awful.

We barely had a kick , whilst the Villa fans took over our ground and facilities.

Hope those who go enjoy it.


I know we’ll probably utilise the whole squad and trialists but what is our strongest line up?

Priestly Daniels Hussey
Knowles McEntee Riley Gordon
DJ DJT or Matt

I’d say Stirk in the middle?

With you!!


Gordon to the left of me, Knowles to the right…

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Knowles Farquhar daniels Hussey Gordon
Lalkovic stirk
Dj Djt

I’ll be there, more for a little pre season booze up than anything else

Stirk for McEntee :+1:t2:

That forward line wasn’t going to spark fear in any opposition, was it? Let’s hope tomorrow is a better result.

Pitch inspection in the morning?

Always good to lump on the Villa to knock a few past us…

It’s dirty but money is money :smile:

4/5/6 somewhere in that region.