Aston Villa v Lazio tickets

Links to tickets below. General Sale from July 24.

Take the cash but couldn’t give a flying fook

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Crod will be booking out a Block for the clan.

I’m predicting the only capacity crowd at the 99p store stadium this season

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Typical Villa no concessions. I’m not paying full price.

I’d imagine it will be close to selling out before it gets to general sale anyway

It says Villa have been given three sides

Well we used 2 sides, 1 in each half, against Leamington. :laughing:


Be interesting to know how the cash is split on this one. I don’t reckon we’ll be getting all of the ticket money. Villa and Lazio will both want a chunk each.

I’d assume that we get to keep all food, drink and car park takings. Our chief operations officer no doubt all over it to ensure the kiosks and bars are well stocked, resourced and the car parks are organised efficiently.

If we get it right, Villa give us the takings from Saturday’s game and we aren’t being taken for a ride by hosting their women’s team then our “arrangement” with them may well be north of £350k this year. Which must surely cover the re… I mean mortgage.

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Lazio have the fourth?
I wonder if we’ll be selling torta di balti di pollo?

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Don’t you mean burnt torta di balti di pollo? :rofl:


Still feel this was a missed oppertunity as, walsall could have played lazio reserves/Youth as we are short on pre season games and again would have brought some extra cash in, still wish club did take cash at times.

Are you talking about the fiendishly difficult operation of staging back to back football matches on a football pitch in a football stadium?

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It’s 2 days before the Morecambe game so too late for a friendly for us.

Mole really is a miracle worker

Are they over here playing games?

Si. Molto incinerato.


Didnt look at the dates. Thought it was week or so before morecambe.

He is.

We can probably pay Walsall bingo on the back of this fixture. Look out for Villa fans saying the following:-

  • They ran out of pies/chips/hot dogs
  • couldn’t get a drink because the queue was too big
  • went to the bog at half time and I’ll never wear those trainers again.

Followed by the words “tinpot” or “non league” in no particular order.

I hope I’m massively wrong and we milk the basta, sorry I mean I hope we optimise all of the revenue opportunities that this unique fixture provides.


They wouldn’t be telling lies …. Tinpot non league is the boards style