Awayday Tripadvisor: Northampton

Destination: Northampton

Famous for: Like Walsall, Northampton is famous for leather. However, where Walsall went in for saddles, belts, upholstery and other industrious items, Northampton’s finest leatherworkers concentrated on fashioning the shoes, bodices, gimp suits and whips of the underground sex trade.

The club: Northampton Town, with a proud history dating back to 1897 when they were founded by a bunch of school teachers. Despite rumours, @pedagogue was not there.

The ground: The PTS Academy Stadium, formerly known as Sixfields. Stuck a little out of town by the local Cineworld and TGI Fridays – long walk or short taxi from town.

The selection:

Bescot Banter fans should go to The Cordwainer. It’s been refurbished, but locals say they can’t tell. Top tip: order drinks through the app in order to annoy the bar staff, then blow kisses at the bouncers if you fancy a kicking.

Vital Walsall fans should go to Sevens, as the rugby club isn’t playing. You can play ‘find the barman’, as they like to serve the locals first and foremost, and then preload for the game on their extensive gin and tonic selection. Wooden floors make for maximum ‘we will rock you’ sound effects.

WFHYS fans should go to The Old Bank. What’s not to love about a filthy hole with stinking toilets, frozen food, sticky floors and incompetent staff. It’s just like being in the Blue Pop stand!

UTS fans should go pub crawling to the ground, via the Thomas Beckett, Foundryman Arms, Jimmy’s Bar (sports) and Sevens, where they can meet up with the Vital gang and compare club rumours.

Locals recommend The Lamplighter for excellent real ale and food.

If you can’t get into the ground try selling your body to afford a bucket of popcorn and a movie at Cineworld, or go rile the waiters at TGI Fridays before making your way home.


Has anyone walked from the station before, how far is it?

I would usually drive but fancy a beer :blush:

30 min walk mate

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Cheers not to bad then.

An hour after a few beers though :joy::wink:

Anyone know the best place to park if driving to Northampton?

Welcome to the forum, I see loads have registered in the last two days. Good to see.

I could do with parking info also.

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Looked on football ground guide says ok to park at ground for 4 quid or just by tgi fridays a place called duston mill has parking again at 4 quid, duston mill for us as seems a tad easier to get away.

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If you get there early enough you should be able to park by the away end for about £4 as @Wyrleysaddler as mentioned. That’s where I always park when driving there.

Any ideas what time this Carr’s bar opens at the ground anybody?

There’s a field right next to the official car park that charges £3. It’s a couple of minutes extra walk but quicker to get away after the game.
A bit dicey if it’s been raining a lot though as it’s just grass and not the gravel that’s on the official park. Just don’t park in a rut unless you’ve got mates to push you out.:upside_down_face:

the brown bits at the top and bottom are the Official North and South car parks respectively. The green triangular field to the west of the south car park is dunston mill field.

Mossive parking right next to it

The usual main car park appears to be shut. Barriers down and vehicles parked across them so don’t think they will open later.

Managed to park in the feeder lane to it. Free but limited so you need to get here soon.

Just been told it’s been shut for last 8 months but other one mentioned is still open.

Just parked in the field at the away end. £3.
Lots of room

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We just parked in housing estate turn right at island

Too every Walsall fan there today, Well done! huge efforty by the fans and we did the boys proud! sooo sooo proud of what happend today feels like a new dawn… onwards we goo

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